February 17, 2010

we went to the zoo again today, and it was so perfect! for those in toronto- you might not want to read this part- but it was about 24 degrees celsius (75ish for you americans) and we were out in t-shirts, flip flops, and shorts. sometimes i want it to be colder, and most of the time i try to keep my mouth shut and enjoy the amazingness that is ‘winter’ in arizona!

all the animals were out and about, saying ‘hi’ to the kids, eating their food, etc. only the cheetahs didn’t get the memo that my kids were going to be at the zoo today, so they slept through the whole thing. punks. but these chimps were sitting right by the glass, loving each other, staring into each other’s eyes, and eating the bugs off of each other’s heads. that’s true love. so sweet and pure. and kinda gross. but still beautiful.

a terrible family shot- but a family shot nonetheless! some guy actually grabbed my camera and told us to say cheese. it was shockingly quite nice of him as he saw me trying to get a bunch of random shots of the kids and the chimps, chris and the chimps, chris and the kids and the chimps. here we have us, and i don’t think you can see the chimps. but my hair looks like crap, so whatev.

is lily a daddy’s girl? or is chris lily’s slave/putty in her hands?

our kids LOVE the carousel.

topher on the carousel. this may be gross to you- for his face to be smooshed on a bar that lots of dirty kids’ hands have been on. but it doesn’t phaze me cause earlier he was licking the fence where the flamingos were at. yikes.

lily, excited to be on the carousel, but even more excited to have daddy’s hand to hold. and yes, chris is putty in lily’s hands.


  1. fun times! let us know the next time you go. we have a pass and love to be outside.

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