Zoe Lynn Watson

October 6, 2009

pretend with me, if you will, that it is 09.18.09, or sometime closer to that date than it is right now… i have a new niece! and her name is Zoe Lynn Watson! and she is so cute! and i am a TERRIBLE aunt!… no. that’s enough self-loathing… i am a ‘busy’ aunt. i cannot believe that i have not yet written a post about this precious new addition to our family yet. but better late than never! (wait, so should i still be working on thank you cards for my wedding gifts?…)

Zoe is Justin (Chris’ brother) and Jen’s (my beautiful sister-in-law) precious gift from Jesus. she was born at 5:47pm via planned c-section, because she just did not like the idea of hanging out upside down, waiting to fall through the birth canal- can’t blame you little one! your cousin lily had a SERIOUS cone head for the longest time!
the beautiful little family is doing really well- including their 2 grayhounds, german shepherd, and 90 cats (ok, i think they might have 3. but if you have 3, you might as well have 90 in my allergic-to-cats opinion.) Zoe has the most beautiful hair color- light brown with blond highlights, and already has her mother’s sweet and quiet disposition. she also fortunately looks nothing like her father (just joking Justin!), though she has the classic Watson dimpled chin! precious!
here’s the newest little Watson!
What a beautiful family!



Zoe Lynn Watson


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