You Know You’re A Mom When…

December 12, 2009

-It’s 10:40 pm, and because you have children-induced A.D.D, you remember when earlier today there was a punk kid who drove up next to you with their rap music blasting from their cool stereo in their cool car. And you remember thinking: ‘Hey that was me, not too long ago. I should drive around blasting my stereo too.’ But then you realize 1. You drive a minivan. 2. The music that is usually playing in your mini van is sung by a woman named ‘Miss Melody’ and she sings about shapes and colors. 3. Even if you were a cool punk kid five years ago, you are not cool anymore for the aforementioned reasons.

-It’s 10:43 pm, and you are no longer playa-hatin yourself because you are having the greatest time being BY YOURSELF. The Suns game is on in the background, you are working on various Christmas projects, and you have scissors and other very dangerous things laying around- just cause you can!

-It’s 10:45 pm, and you realize you are still wearing clothes that your son peed on while he was peeing on the toilet. Changing right then and there was not an option, but since the kids went down at 8:30, there were numerous opportunities to change your clothes, but you didn’t cause 1. It makes you so happy that your son peed on the toilet that it’s an honor to get peed on at all. 2. This time by yourself is too precious to waste on changing clothes. That will happen right before you collapse into bed in about an hour or so.

-It’s 10:48 pm, and even though you aren’t going to go to bed for another hour or so, you can’t wait to check up on the kids before you go to bed, so you do it now, cause you love to hear their baby snores, and to see their sweet, chubby-cheeked, beautiful faces in ‘rest mode’ as opposed to ‘i will throw another tantrum cause i feel like it mode’. And you do it again before you pass out into your bed (hopefully not in your urine-stained clothes.)

-It’s 10:52 pm, and you know that the only chocolate in the house is in your kids’ halloween stash that should have been thrown away a few weeks ago, but it is your happy treat at the end of a hard day (cause you got peed on), and it makes you happy that 1. You are saving your kids from having cavities by eating their hard earned sweets 2. You are eating chocolate.



You Know You’re A Mom When…


  1. Shannon says:

    This is awesome! I'm so happy that Topher peed on the toilet!!!! And a little happy that he peed on you. 🙂 I hope you had fun with your chocolate and dangerous objects.

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