the worst gift in the world

October 17, 2011

a few months ago, my dear friend mary beth decided to buy her hubby a groupon for sky diving. she didn’t want him to have to go alone, and there was no way she was going to go with him, so she asked if my crazy husband would be interested in joining in on the fun. and of course my crazy hubby said yes. so i bought a groupon too.

chris has been sky diving before- in argentina before he went to antarctica. if he was going to die sky diving, it probably would have been there. he was in a foreign country, he was up in a rickety old plane, and who knew if his pack had a chute or a bunch of burritos. fortunately there was a chute. and it worked.

so chris and jeff ventured off to maricopa to get on a plane, only to jump out of it. they were both pretty excited.

mary beth and i joked about living together if they should happen to die. but surely, they would not die. lots of people go sky diving all the time and don’t die. except for this 75 year old lady who went sky diving last week. she and her instructor died as both their primary and emergency chutes did not work. i only found out about this tragedy after chris’ jump.

anyhoo, i went to church with the kids and i texted chris to text me when he landed safely back on earth. he texted me (praise Jesus!) but this is what he wrote:

“my first chute exploded so we had to use the emergency chute. i’m fine though.”

omg people. chris is a major jokester, but i knew that he would not joke about that (he’s trying harder to not play jokes on people that result in tears.) so all morning i kept thinking about how i almost killed my husband with this gift that i had bought for him. the WORST GIFT IN THE WORLD. it’s like buying someone a pet shark. or a live grenade. or something equally horrible and dangerous. the bottom line: do not buy someone you love, or even like, a the gift of sky diving- aka almost dying.



the worst gift in the world


  1. Oh man! That would scare the CRAP OUTTA ME! I am glad he made it down safely. Lesson learned 😉

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