the world according to lily and topher

October 7, 2010

– topher says: “dolphins are girls. sharks are boys.” i don’t know if he means that dolphins are for girls and sharks are for boys, or that dolpins and sharks are the same but they just look a little different because of their gender.

– lily has one sweetheart in this world. his name is hobey. last week he had some serious diaper rash and she would come over while i was changing his diaper and slathering his bottom with desitin and bag balm and she would say: “oh sweetheart. your bum is so red.”

– after watching UP for the millionth time, the kids have started to look up in the sky, when there are clouds, which doesn’t happen everyday here in the desert, and have started to see shapes in the clouds. yesterday they saw a puppy and topher was saying that he wanted to go up and play with the puppy.

– two days ago, while the kids were supposed to be napping, they were playing a game in their room instead. topher would get hurt and call out for ‘mama’, which ended up being lily, not me. it was pretty hilarious. and then later that afternoon, they were still in ‘playmode’ and lily was calling me ‘grandma’… not as cute, but definitely hilarious.

– topher loves peeing in cups in the car. as in disposable cups. and even if they weren’t disposable, i would dispose of them after urine got into them. anyhoo, i usually have one cup floating around, and the other day we ran around a ton and i forgot to stop for a potty break. so we were in the van and topher needed to pee. yeah mc donalds cup under the seat. he peed, smiled at me, and said: “can i drink it?” boys are so adorable. and disgusting.

– lily can write her name all by herself!!!!!! the other day we were playing with sidewalk chalk and she said: “want me to write my name?” so she did it! AMAZING!!!! all the letters were perfect! down the explosion of chalk to dot the ‘i’. the onyl thing is that there was a stray ‘y’ in the middle of her name, and i had to remind her there was a ‘y’ at the end of her name, so we ended up with ‘Lyily’. but still! it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great! i didn’t have to show her how to write any of the letters or anything. i love watching the thoughts in her brain materialize onto paper. before she would show me that she had drawn a heart, a star, and a homeless person, and all that was on the paper were three identical circles.

– topher can write his name with ‘veggie straws’ (chips that look like fries that come in spinach, sweet potato, and regular potato flavors.) i’m lying, he can write ‘T’. which is still good. so lily decided to write topher’s name. she doesn’t know how to spell it yet, so it’s different every time. one day it was ‘oioi’. today it was “TITI” hahahahahhahahahahaha…….



the world according to lily and topher


  1. Lainey says:

    They're so cute. Topher's in good company. When I was a kid, I thought that all cats were girls and all dogs were boys 🙂

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