With love, from Canada.

April 27, 2009

Hello from the Great White North! Or, Toronto as I like to call it. There is no white here, or snow. But there was two weeks ago. Yesterday was pretty cold, then the afternoon was incredible, and today it is just hot.
I am here with Topher and Jeehon and Sungu, visiting our parents and three brothers. We have been having a seriously amazing time! Lily is at home with her daddy and a plethora of other adults who are feeding and fellowshiping with my two big babies 🙂 I miss them all dearly and am looking forward to seeing them again Thursday night. But for now, I am here and loving it!
We have been eating tons and tons of awesome food, and hanging out with tons and tons of amazing people.
The plane ride over was not bad at all, but the whole ordeal in general really gets my stress levels at a dangerously high level. Topher was a champ, but did NOT want to watch the heavy portable DVD player that I then just had to lug around between Phoenix, Vegas, and Toronto airports. Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t be sad that my son is not that interested in watching tv. He cried for about 5 minutes in total on our journey, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but any crying on an airplane is loud and everyone can hear it and is therefore annoyed at you. I am hoping for a five hour nap on our way home… Though tis unlikely that it will occur.
Anyhoo, I have to write a few seperate posts for some of the fun things we’ve done here, but it’s been almost two weeks since I last wrote so I just wanted to drop a line and say Hey!, or as we say in Canada- ‘h- eh!’



With love, from Canada.


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