Why Sundays Are Awesome Pt.2

April 26, 2010

1. i know i just posted this picture a couple hours ago when i walked into the living room to find a mess of bodies strewn across my living room. but notice topher’s sippy cup nestled in his arm pit. (the only reason he had this sippy cup is cause he was awake when i gave it to him. did not know he was so tired and was going to fall asleep again…)

2. now in this picture, i would like you to notice that the sippy cup is on the floor. chris later informed me that he was rudely awakened (for a brief millisecond) by said sippy cup, falling onto his face. good bounce and roll cup. and you can also see that topher is falling off of the couch. but is still completely asleep.
3. here is my sleeping beauty. i love her. i couldn’t not put a picture up of her.                                                                                      
after taking more pictures of my ridiculous, and tired family, i went into the kitchen to prepare a snack for when everyone decided to wake up. all of a sudden my phone rang. it was chris. he was asleep a few seconds ago. i couldn’t imagine what he might want from me (probably a back rub. the guy is so high maintenance sometimes!) so i picked up the phone, said hello, and heard no reply. so i looked around the kitchen wall, into the living room, and this is what i saw:
4. topher. he fell off the couch. found a safe and soft landing spot- aka his father’s face. and was still totally and completely zonked out. he stayed this way for another few minutes while i took more pictures and laughed at my ridiculous boys. this is one of the best sundays i have ever had!                                                             
(sorry about the crazy layout of the pictures and words… blogger changed how you upload the pics and i am just trying to figure it all out…)                                                                                                               



Why Sundays Are Awesome Pt.2


  1. Brantonians says:

    OH, I love these pictures…LOVE THEM! Sundays ARE the best!

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