Why Sundays Are Awesome Pt.1

April 25, 2010

sundays are kinda my favorite day. i love them. it’s the only day that chris never works. not because his work ‘respects the sabbath’ (until criminals take the sabbath off, law enforcement probably won’t be able to either), just cause that’s the schedule he happens to have right now. so our sundays are usually filled with lots of church, family time, and laying around.
nap times are kinda crazy cause we get home from church anywhere between 1:30 and 2. topher has lately been napping at 11am, because of his psychotic new wake-up time of 5:30am. (nope, still haven’t found the magic solution to fixing that. although now that lily and topher share a room, lily doesn’t come into our room to sleep! yipee! one breakthrough at a time i guess.)
so today he took his nap at 2ish. then fell out of bed at 3ish. then i put him on the couch to hang out with is dad and sister while i got some work done on the computer (no, i don’t call blogging work. i mean my actualy bookkeeping work).
i came out of my room to cut up some strawberries and get the kids’ late-day snack ready, when i encoutered this:


 topher fell back asleep. lily fell asleep. and chris has a laptop burning a hole in his stomach as he is asleep too.

i love my family! and i love sundays!



Why Sundays Are Awesome Pt.1


  1. So of course after I wrote a post about how awesome my son was and how great his sleeping habits are…he decides 5:30a.m. is his new wake up time too. 8 days in a row now and it's killing us. So, as my mother suggested, I told Eli that he may not come out of his room until mommy comes to get him. He can read books in his bed or play quietly, but he can't come out until mommy wakes up and says it's time to get up. It's worked so far and reading books in his bed has even made him fall back to sleep a couple times. Maybe it would work for Topher too.

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