who you gonna call?…

June 14, 2011


i know, that is the ghostbusters song. does batman have a song?… “dananananana batman!”… not nearly as catchy as the ghostbuster song.

anyway, last week we met batman. and it was awesome. though it took two days. my sister and i went to the mall early in the week and saw that batman would be there on saturday and sunday, so we decided to come back to meet the caped crusader, because Sungu and Topher and huge batman fans. have they ever seen a batman show or movie before? no. how do they know batman? they don’t. but they love him. kind of like how we have never seen Jesus but we love Him cause we have heard great things about him. man, i never realized how spritually savvy our kids are.

so saturday afternoon, we all got in the van and were pumped and ready to meet batman. the boys were dressed in their batman best- matching t-shirts that say ‘batkid’. adorable, right? so we got to Arizona Mills, a wonderful little outlet mall here in the valley, at about 1pm. we were going to meet up with chris’ brother’s wife’s sister, Sarah, for lunch too. but then we saw a sign that said batman would be around for pictures at 5pm. yowsers! there was no way we could keep our kids entertained for 4 hours. and worst of all- we had chris watson with us, and there was NO WAY he could stay in a mall for 4 hours. no way. so, we had to abandon the plan to meet batman. chris made up a story about how batman was stuck fighting crime and beating up the penguin, and that he wasn’t going to be able to make it today. the kids were very disappointed. until they got to ride on the carousel!

and then we ate at mc donalds. done deal.

but things weren’t right at the watson/malloy home. so we decided to give it another shot. so after church on sunday, we got back in the car, and went to meet batman. and of course we didn’t bring a camera with us, but fortunately chris had his handy dandy iphone and was able to get this picture:

doesn’t he look like val kilmer/michael keaton??? very professional. very nice to the kids. great time had by all. especially jeehon who maybe has as big a crush on batman as her son now.



who you gonna call?…


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