where am i?

August 12, 2010

well, that’s topher in the dryer. that’s where he likes to hang out to spend some time thinking, avoiding lily and i, and drying off after a nice cold shower.
just joking.

but where have i been? i haven’t posted anything in almost a week! how have you been getting along without knowing what’s been going on in my crazy mundane life?!?!?

well, let me fill you in. try not to die of boredom:

last week i watched my girlfriend’s 4 (almost 5) year old from thursday afternoon til saturday morning. i have to admit it is getting really ‘easy’ to hang out with my kids and almost any number of other kids! (especially when topher is hanging out in the dryer by himself.) after passing off my ‘third kid’ saturday morning, i even watched gabe and corban for a few short hours on saturday night. and that was a serious breeze! a delight even! cause i love my nephews, and they are very very good boys 🙂

speaking of good kids, i also got to hang out with two of my favoritest girls on tuesday morning, and again- a delightful breeze of a time! does this mean that i want to have a buttload more kids? NO! does it mean i should open up a daycare? NO! but i am loving hanging out with my kids and their friends. this really really really is a great age!

then i got a break from all kids on sunday night, as chris and i went to the improv in tempe to watch adam carolla, a stand up comedian who used to do ‘the man show’ with jimmy kimmel, with some other friends. it was hilarious, and i heard a lot of inappropriate jokes and expletives. it was all good in the hood, especially as i enjoyed a daiquiri. i finished 3/4 of that $12 drink! yowsers (unaware of the price when i ordered it.)

it was nice having a night off, even though it took me over an hour and a half to find someone to watch the kids on such short notice. but in all honesty, i am at the point where i finally enjoy hanging out with my kids. as in, it’s not hard work any more. that sounded terrible. i mean, my kids are getting more and more self-sufficient, and when i hang out with them, we are having a great time chillin together, as opposed to a year ago when i was constantly sleep deprived (oh wait, that hasn’t changed), changing diapers, and i didn’t understand what topher wanted cause he wasn’t talking, and i didn’t understand what lily wanted cause she was crying and whining instead of talking in the adorable sweet voice that she now uses to communicate (most of the time). did i redeem myself at all just now? no? let’s move on…

we started our small group this monday! (did i redeem myself by moving to a religious topic??)we took a 2 month break and are back, refreshed, with a few families that have moved on, 2 families that have added babies, and other families that have joined in for some serious ADHD-induced bible discussion! i love our group. we’ll see how many of the newbies we manage to not scare away… 🙂

chris and i finally booked our honeymoom/5 year anniversary trip! it took us about 2 weeks to pick a place, but basically cancun will never be the same once us watsons hit the beach later on this year. it will be my first time in mexico and my first time doing an all-inclusive trip. should be nothing short of amazing. especially since i will be going with my main man, chad. i mean chris. (chad is now on facebook, and he has a lot of friends, which is creepy. some people will just accept anybody. like my brothers, who are unaware that chad is their brother…)

lastly, chris and i are STILL searching for a place to call home. oh our poor realtor. she is so good to us. she has been looking at homes with us for the last 5 months. i think we have looked at almost every single vacant home in the valley…

anyway, that’s what’s been keeping me busy and away from my blog. hope you are all doing well and staying safe indoors. being outside in 110+ weather is NOT OK.



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