When It Rains It Pours

March 14, 2008

Story of my life- everything is going just fine, and then all of a sudden anything and everything that can go wrong does. For example, when I was sixteen I found myself at one point going to the doctor, the dentist, a dermatologist and a neurologist on a regular basis. I was constantly sick, I still had braces, I suddenly developed psoriasis (a very unattractive skin disorder. although there are not many skin disorders that actually make you more attractive. probably why they call it a disorder.), and I was getting migraines regularly and no one knew the cause.

Then three years ago, while I was working in Korea, I was back to seeing a dermatologist and the doctor on the regular because I still had psoriasis, and suddenly I got an amazing bout of adult acne, and I developed an ulcer. So great. And I had just gotten back together with Chris after we split up (he split up with me technically) for a few months, but we got back together long-distance cause he was in Iraq and I was in Korea, but we were going to see each other again for the first time in over a year in the midst of all my unattarctive and sickly glory at my sister’s wedding in Toronto. Again- amazing. The Lord taught me a lot about humility and vanity through all that.

Anyhoo, here I am eight months and then some pregnant. Everyday is another day filled with back aches, pelvic pain, and lots of trips to the potty. Chris just got a new schedule at work, which means he is actually home with me in the evenings which is INCREDIBLE, seeing as how for the first two years of our marriage I only got to eat dinner with him three times a week. If I was lucky. But having him home is so great cause we eat dinner together, can see our friends together, and he is around to do bath time and bed time with Lily, which is so great cause it is getting harder and harder for me to get Lily out of the tub by my gigantic self.

So Sunday night, we were just enjoying a quite night at home. We rented ‘Michael Clayton’ which was a good movie (I rarely to never watch ‘serious’ movies), but we ate dinner first and then we were going to get settled to watch it. But I was afraid that we were going to be extremely tired by the time the movie was over so I insisted that we do the dishes first. Chris put Lily to bed (bless his heart) and I got started on the dishes. I was almost done when he came in and I asked for his help. That was mistake number one. There were two frying pans and a pot lid on the stove from breakfast, and I asked him to pass them to me. Mistake numero dos. As he passed them over, the pot lid slid off the pans and landed right on my third toe on my left foot. Oh the cussing that ran through my head (I have since repented.) The toe started to bleed and I told Chris to get out of the kitchen. He was in shock over what just happened and he insisted on helping me out. I told him I would finish the dishes and that he could just go and watch tv. This made him feel worse, but I just didn’t want to look at him for some reason. Anyway, I felt like a big weenie for being in SO MUCH PAIN over such a small cut on such a small appendage. We finally sat to watch the movie, but every once in awhile I had to sit up and just hold my foot cause it hurt so badly.

Chris felt horrible. Which made me feel kinda bad too. I know he didn’t do it on purpose (or did he? He says he feels too bad to help me in the kitchen anymore…) But seriosuly, Chris is just a big beautiful bleeding heart. He has never hurt me on purpose, or by accident before, but if he does hurt me by accident, he always feels really horrible about it. He’s a good boy. Anyhoo, we went to bed that night and I was pretty pissed. What if my toe was broken? What if I had to wear a cast or something crazy while being eight months pregnant? And of course, the next day I also got a scab or something in my nose- and it hurts like crazy every time I have to blow it. Again- something so small, but painful, and definitely very annoying in the grand scheme of everything else that is going on with my body at present.

So, my toe actually is broken (in two places near the top) but it doesn’t hurt anymore. I wear a special shoe so that I can’t bend my toe in a weird way. But now that it is officially broken, Chris doesn’t feel bad anymore! He’s crazy. I was really hoping to milk this for as long as possible. But alas, here I sit, with my crazy new shoe, and umbrella overhead, waiting for this storm to pass. And it will, because that’s what storms do.



When It Rains It Pours


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