what to do?

April 4, 2010

here’s a picture that chris’ grandfather just sent him, from an easter celebrated many moons ago! so cute.

so it’s 10:27pm. so many things i could be/should be doing right now. put laundry in the dryer (i will definitely do this at some point before bed!). put dishes in the dishwasher (not holding my breath on this one). make banana bread, just cause i feel like eating banan bread tomorrow (but that’s probably not going to happen either). read the bible (it is easter season!). look at listings our realtor sent us for a new home. start decorating a cake that is ‘due’ this thursday (i’m really excited about this cake. yes, cake, not cupcakes. but not excited enough to start working on it…) tidy up the apartment. look up some preschools for lily, and possibly topher too. find some extra-curricular programs for lily (and possibly topher) to do, like t-ball and ballet (former for both, latter for lily only!) etc. etc.

so much to do. so very little desire or energy to do anything but sit in this chair. i barely want to post a post, but theni would really just be sitting here doing absolutely nothing.

the past couple days have been exhausting and entertaining. i have taken some awesome pics of some things, and didn’t have a camera for some other things. example- i was hanging out with my girlfriend christin, and her two girls. cambry, christin’s oldest, is topher’s age. and they are so cute together! i will NOT say she is topher’s girlfriend, cause quite frankly that girl has many suitors after her! she was the only girl born in ’08, in the midst of three very handsome boys being born that same year. anyhoo, christin has a ‘great’ backyard. very pretty, complete with a fountain and a putting green. the putting green happens to also have 3 sand traps. my kids thought the sand traps were a little piece of beachy heaven. at one point, christin and i were watching topher, kneeled in the sand, with his sister smashing sand into his newly shaven locks. handfuls of sand. smashing. into his ‘hair’. awesome. then it looked like topher had grabbed a handful of sand and put it down the back of his pants, into his pull-up. i was shocked later when there was no sand in my son’s butt crack. delightfully shocked mind you. the whole time at christin’s was a riot, but i didn’t have my camera on hand for any of those ridiculous moments. oh yeah, topher also grabbed a nasal aspirator off of the table, then went to lie down on the couch and tried to aspirate his own nose with this aspirator that does not belong to him.

lily and topher are being really hilarious, cute, and obnoxious these days. the terrible twos have definitely entered topher’s life. lily’s counting in spanish is kinda the funniest and cutest thing in the world. and she is trying to dress herself when we go out, and it’s nuts. especially since she got a trunk full of dress-up clothes for her birthday. today she wore a regular old skirt with a glitzy, frilly, faux-crushed-velvet pink bustier-type princess shirt, complete with glued on jewels and everything. topher is testing his limits still. but is responding a bit better to his beatings (read:slaps on the hand!) i smacked his hand cause he tried to run away from me int he parking lot today. then when we were walking on the sidewalk, he insisted on holding my hand, even though that is not one of our rules. it was so nice though, so maybe i will make it one.

i have been waking up at six every morning this week. topher has gotten lily off of her schedule (she used to wake up anywhere between 7 and 8) and now she gets up at 6 too. although this week, the kids took turns waking up at six, or before. it’s like they planned out the night before who was going to get to sleep in (never me), and who would wake me up early. mean little monkeys.

but, in my efforts to be a better human being, a nicer mom, a better christian, i have been trying to be more thankful in all situations. so though it takes me a little while to snap out of zombie-mode, once i get that coffee maker going, i try to enjoy my time with the kiddies, even though it is so dark cause the sun is BARELY UP!… deep breath… relax.

so, i guess that’s it for now. it’s already almost 11, which means i need to be up and at em in about 7 hours, so maybe i will try to get 7 hours of sleep for a change! it’ll be nice to have energy for church, volunteering, making dips, then going to a rockin family easter bbq + easter egg hunt at nana and papa’s.
that’s it for now. good night all.



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