what they’re saying

July 30, 2010

here’s another post dedicated to my crazy kids. they’ve lately been saying the funniest things, and saying them in the funniest ways. there’s some not-nice things that come out of their mouths, and some that come out in a not-nice way. and we are trying to correct those things. but when the nice things come out- oh man. so nice!

so the other day lily was in the living room with her dad while i was in the kitchen. regular stuff. then all of a sudden i heard her scream out in her sassiest voice: “i don’t want to talk to you right now!” lily is a 16 year old trapped in a 3 year old’s body. she has been all about her privacy lately, saying things like “stop following me!” “go away!” topher does not care for lily’s rantings and ravings. he just keeps following, keeps lurking, keeps on annoying. such a great little brother!

prayer time is a favorite time of day for so many reasons. 1. it marks the end of the day. 2. i love seeing the kids talking to their heavenly Father 3. they really speak what is on their hearts and it is AMAZING! right now the kids are all about giving thanks, which is great cause i want the kids to have hearts full of thanksgiving and gratitude. lately topher has been thankful for a wide variety of things. and the cutest thing is to hear his intonation, cause he always starts: “thanks for OUR…” and he waits for us to repeat. so here we go:
“thanks for OUR foods, thanks for OUR shirts, thanks for OUR hair, thanks for OUR white (his little pull-toy dog that he named), thanks for OUR dad, thanks for OUR lindsay, thanks for OUR robert, thanks for OUR gabe, thanks for OUR corban (he loves that family!), thanks for OUR Jesus…” so precious!

lily also prays and says “thanks” without adding “for”, so her list recently was: “thanks dad, thanks brothers, thanks sisters (which she does not have, but is still thankful for)…etc… thanks bathing suits, thanks papa’s bathing suit, etc etc… thanks mom’s cookies, thanks mom…” WOW. i made it after papa’s bathing suit, and my cookies… oh lily. you were a giant baby and i can’t believe i birthed you. one day i will very explicitly explain to you why i should appear much earlier on your list of things you are thankful for!

then today, coming home from our morning outing, topher was asleep in his car seat, so lily and i were having some serious bonding time. we sang some songs in english and korean. then lily said: “songs all done. no more talking.” yowsers! sassy little bossy lady. so i obliged my daughter, quite happily, cause i prefer to be quiet in the car anyway. then lily remembered that she loves to hear that she makes me laugh, so she said: “mom, i make you laugh.” so she made her dinosaur noise, that she has been making since she was a wee little baby. and it really does make me laugh. always has, probably always will. i said: “lily, you make me laugh!” and that made her happy. then it was my turn to make her laugh. so i made my snake noise. and that made her laugh. more a pity laugh than anything else, but a laugh nonetheless. this game continued for some time, and then lily said: “mom, i had a great day with you. you make my heart SO happy.” now, if you watch ‘Ni Hao Kai Lan’ on nickelodeon, then you know that is a straight-up plagiarized line, down to the stress on ‘So”. but guess what? i don’t care! it was the best compliment of the day. possibly top 5 of my life.



what they’re saying


  1. Shannon says:

    Love love love this post! Your kids are so super cute!!!! Can't wait to see you soon friend.

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