week 7

May 1, 2011

this week we made webbed hands and feet to go on the ends of the arm and leg buds that started forming last week. so crazy. a little baby duck is cooking in my belly! and it’s the size of a blueberry.

chris and i had a great weekend to cap off a really crazy work week for him. friday night we went out for some wicked good chinese food with our friends charles and grace. they are my map to eating yummily in the valley. i have actually been to this restaurant with them before, and it was good before, but this time- it was phenomenal. grace really likes this sizzling rice soup, which was mad delicious. i myself love sweet and sour soup, though many chinese restaurants manage to mess it up. not this restaurant though. it was SO GOOD. a shockingly great dish was the walnut shrimp dish, which is basically a bed of walnuts with shrimp that has been fried and then covered in mayonnaise on top. sounds horrid. tastes like heaven. so good. the name and place of this ugly yet incredible eatery is WONG’S (can you get more chinese than that? i think not.) and it is located on the south side of baseline, east of mc clintock. let me know if you want to try it out. i want to go to there.

the next night we had another date night planned (chinese food is maybe all the more delicious when you are pregnant and not sharing your food with a picky 3 and 4 year old). we had no idea what to do. we didn’t really want to just go out for dinner, and we definitely didn’t want to go out to a movie. i had the genius idea of going to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls and maybe getting dessert afterwards. chris was initially very excited about the plan until his amazing daddy-intuition kicked in and he said it was a bad idea. when i asked him why, he said that since swinging a golf club is such an ab exercise that maybe we should hold off till i was out of the first trimester. what a great dad! and a great golfer. i don’t actually think i use my abs when i golf, but i just agreed with my genius husband and we didn’t golf.

so that was week seven. still tired. still not loving smells. still not feeling incredible, but enjoying the peace that comes with that.


  1. chris says:

    It's an ab workout if you swing correctly.

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