week 5

April 25, 2011

i wrote this post almost five weeks ago! hope everyone had a great easter weekend 🙂

at week five my baby is the size of a grain of rice and is forming it’s heart. how crazy is that?!?!?!?! look at a grain of rice. and imagine that rice being a person with a heart. that is sheer insanity.

this week i had moments of narcolepsy mixed in with lots of moments of feeling totally and completely fine. which sent me off of my rocker. i guess you can say i freaked out that i didn’t have morning sickness yet and was yearning for it (idiot!). i had my first doctor’s appointment on monday the 21st, and there they proclaimed that i was 5 weeks pregnant. i was having a good amount of cramping, which they said was fine, as long as it wasn’t very sharp and only on one side. the pain was pretty well distributed. safe. and no spotting. also safe. but my pregnant brain played lots of evil tricks on me this week, and it was a daily struggle to lift up my rice baby to Him and ask for proctection and health.

it’s been FIVE years since i was pregnant with lily. i am not remembering anything clearly, but i am trying to enjoy the fact that i am not sitting in front of the toilet puking my guts out, like i did with lily. the journey begins! again!


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