a watson thing

April 20, 2010

lily and topher woke up at 5:20 this morning. lily woke up cause she had to go to the bathroom. that’s legit i suppose. topher woke up cause he’s nuts.

the three of us tried to lay down together in topher’s bed as i kept chanting to them: “the sun’s not up yet. you MUST GO BACK TO SLEEP…” it didn’t work. fortunately the kids crawled out of bed while i was in and out of sleep and just played with the train set that is in tohper’s room.

a million hours later, we went out for breakfast with chris’ grandparents at 8:30. grandma watson is the proud mama of 4 boys. i asked her what she did to keep her kids in bed in the middle of the night. she said she didn’t really remember any real issues with sleep and her boys, except maybe a bit with chris’ dad.

oh, really?…

then i asked chris’ mom, also the proud mama of four kids, what she did with unruly nighttime sleepers. she said she didn’t really have any issues with her kids and sleeping at night. except with chris. he really liked some light that was in some box type of thing that was in the hallway, and young chris really liked this light and would come out of his room, laydown by the light with his butt in the air, and fall asleep.

oh, really? chris was a problem you say?… (although i would trade for that ‘problem’ any day of the week!)

so, i guess i am sleep-deprived because my kids are genetically prone to not-great-night-sleeping! thanks a lot wes! and chris! i will have to keep this a secret from whoever decides to marry my little topher in the future, just like barb kept this a secret from me 🙂



a watson thing


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