waiting. not patiently

November 5, 2011

today i am 37 weeks and 5 days. topher was already born by now. my friend erin, who was due a week before me, just had her baby on tuesday morning. i met the littlest dezago and he is amazing! congrats erin and co!!!

i was so happy for my friend that i thought i was in labor tuesday night. chris and i were out on a hot date to one of our favorite ‘mexican’ restaurants- abuelo’s. i love it there. the food is never too greasy and it’s always delicious. so great. but i was having contractions during dinner and most of our conversation that night revolved around- “wait? was that a real contraction? when was my last one? is this really happening?” and the answer was: “NO.” this was not really happening. i prayed for lots of wisdom cause i did not want to go to the hospital and not have a baby, but the situation seemed so perfect because the kids were already at lindsay’s and she was more than ready to have them spend the night. she is such a great sister-in-law! i really truly do not know what i would do without her!

anyhoo, we picked up the kids and went home and nothing happened. obviously. cause i’m still pregnant. but i am so thankful for the date that chris and i were able to have. in fact, i am so thankful for all the ‘last’ moments i have been spending this week. especially with lily and topher.

wednesday morning topher was in a picky mood and said he wanted banana bread for breakfast. i figured that eating cereal for breakfast everyday could get boring, so we went out for muffins! it was fantastic! extra fantastic cause we all got to wear sweatshirts! yeah for fall weather. my kids are so amazing and i am definitely soaking up these last days of ease and leisure with my two OLD kids.



waiting. not patiently


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