the waiting game

February 16, 2011

we are in a state of waiting. lots of waiting.

the last two weeks or so in arizona have been far too hot for my liking. i’m not trying to brag to those who are reading from wintery climates. i like winter! i kinda like the cold. some cold. we haven’t had any coldness. it’s been in the high 70s (20 celsius). but apparently there will be rain this week, and with that some coolness. here’s waiting for the cool…

we have a house! we just can’t move into it yet. we were supposed to close on it last friday, and i was SO EXCITED to post this week from that house. but alas. not happening just yet. fortunately we aren’t moving yet because the sellers are doing some repairs and putting in appliances. hopefully next week i will have some superduper great news on the housefront. but for now, we wait…

we are trying for another baby. we haven’t tried to get pregnant since 2006. actually febraury 2006 is when we started trying for lily. (and we haven’t tried again since!) that was five years ago. yowsers. i forgot how annoying it is to wait for this. and what’s worse is, my no-more-birth-control-pills pms symptoms are a lot like pregnancy symptoms- severe narcolepsy, cramps, and emotional stupidity/anger. poor me. and poor chris watson… i’ve thought for certain that i was pregnant every month since i got off the pill in december. but my heart has been breaking all the more for a dear friend of mine who has been trying to get pregnant for the last two years. ah the disappointment when Aunt Flow comes for her monthly visit! if you think about it- please pray for my beautiful friend G as she continues to wait.

and right now i am waiting for my kids to fall asleep for their naps. i don’t blog when my kids are supposed to be awake. but they aren’t supposed to be awake right now. but they are laying on the floor, in opposite corners of the living room, cause lily locked the door to their room and i can not open it. i all the other rooms have sleeping kids in them, so no blankets or pillows for my kids. the carpet and the hair on their heads will have to do for today.



the waiting game


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