Vegas Baby!-less…

November 14, 2008

That would be- ‘Vegas Baby!”/”Babyless!”
Chris and I just got back from Vegas today. It was kind of an early anniversary getaway slash free vacation for going to a seriously stupid timeshare presentation. The thing was only supposed to be for two hours but we were there for two and a half, but it really felt like seven. Fortunately for us, being trapped there meant we were not in a casino losing our money.

We drove up on Tuesday morning, leaving the babies with Jeehon and Barb, aka angels from the Lord! They did such a great job keeping my kids alive and well over the last three days! I have to admit I felt absolutely horrible about leaving them with the kids overnight, mostly cause Topher had been waking up two to four times in the night, but fortunately he was better for my sister than he normally is for me- can’t complain about that!

The weather was so perfect for driving. Windows down, sun roof open, no a.c. running, listening to the soundtracks of R.E.N.T and Les Miserables, or Christmas carols (two of Chris’ favorite muscial genres. No he is not gay. But man does he walk the line sometimes…) We checked into our hotel room at the timeshare place- very nice and comfy. And close to the strip too! Then we ventured out into the heart of sin city. We were on a pretty strict budget for everything- food, gas, gambling, so we had to be very careful about everything. Driving the Sonanta was perfect cause we only spent $40 on gas going there and back. Eating however, proved to be a much more expensive beast of burden. Even when we tried to eat cheaply- it was still kinda expensive. We drank lots of free coffee and water at the casinos though!

For me, the name of the game was ‘do stuff I can’t normally do when I am at home.’ So I ate at Chipotle’s one night for dinner. Sure we have plenty of Chipotle’s here in Arizona, but I never go to them cause that means getting the kids out of the car and ordering and eating, etc. I also wore earrings, which I can’t normally do cause Topher is quite the curious little monkey and he LOVES to grab and tug and tug and tug at stuff. Namely earrings. And I also wore high heels, which I refuse to do if there is even a remote possibility that I have to carry another human being which would add to the weight on the balls of my feet. (Which by the way are still sore even now as I am sitting here barefoot at home. Why do we women torture themselves for fashion’s sake?) The craziest thing I did without my kids- swimming. I swam for the first time in two years! No kid hanging off of me, no one to watch as a potential drowning victim. It was so dang fun!

Anyway, Chris and I gambled together (won and lost), shopped together, ate together, watched the Suns lose on tv together, did everything together. It was a blast. I am so very fortunate to have such an incredible husband who I absolutely LOVE hanging out with. It was a great anniversary trip- a first on a few different fronts: our first anniversary trip where we went somewhere. And our first anniversary not pregnant! It’s our third anniversary, but our first one not pregnant. Isn’t that crazy? Sure our anniversary is actually next month on December 19th, but I can assure you that it will still be new-baby-free!



Vegas Baby!-less…


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