Vegas Babies!

February 5, 2009

I think I may have a problem. Or maybe my whole family does. I guess we go to Vegas a lot. We were here last year for our family vacation. Then Chris and I came here for our anniversary. And now we are here again. And we are having a great time!

James, Jeehon’s husband, got in from Iraq on Saturday. He was supposed to get in on Thursday or Friday, but what can you do? At least it was only one or two days later than anticipated (unlike other army guys who came home anywhere from a week or two later than planned.) We prayed a bunch for that, so Thank You Jesus! Had James come home any later than that, our trip would have been seriously messed up. So James, Jeehon and Sungu drove to Vegas upon James arrival to Phoenix early Saturday evening.

Then Chris and the kids and I left Phoenix after watching a heart-wrenching loss in the Superbowl. We were on the road at 9:30 pm. Yikes. Team work played a giant role in our survival and safe arrival to Las Vegas at 2am. The kids both managed to sleep in that morning, which means I was able to sleep in, which gave me the strength to drive for an hour, and stay awake the other 4 hours while Chris drove. Chris worked at the FBR that day, and was pretty tired, but he insisted on driving because he is better trainined than I am, and he is not an asian woman (apparently we have a rep for being bad drivers), and there were evidently drunks on the road which made Chris’ driving training come in handy. Because we left so late, the kids actually slept the ENTIRE way (thank you Jesus again!) Had they been awake, their crying probably would have also kept us awake, but that’s not the way you want to stay awake. Lily received an early birthday gift of a portable DVD player, which will play a giant role on our way back home on Sunday.

So, here we are in Vegas- James, Jeehon, Sungu, James’ mom, my mom, my dad, Chris, Lily, Topher, me, and our friend Jon (who is one of Chris and James’ best friend from their days in Korea.) This was Topher’s first time meeting his halabuji (grandfather), which is kinda sad considering he is almost eleven months old. But better late than never! And they have been inseperable since they met. Too cute. We are having fun, eating lots of GREAT food. It’s like a dream come true: two true-blue korean women cooking is a great thing. And neither of those korean women are Jeehon or myself!

Stay tuned for more adventures from Vegas-land…



Vegas Babies!


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