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September 13, 2011

my husband is the worst.
he decided to go running with his uncle this morning and got up at 4:30am. who does stuff like that?!?!?? so, he tried to be quiet and stealth and all, but his alarm clock was loud and i heard it. so i tried to fall back asleep, but i failed. i tossed and turned (that makes me sound light. i actually mean i heaved and rolled my giant body about on the bed like a beached whale) and tried and tried to fall back asleep. but to no avail. i had to pee. so i peed. then i went back to bed and closed my eyes and started to pray. i prayed for some of my friends. i also prayed for more sleep. i hope my friends feel blessed today cause if God is only answering one prayer at a time- it was not the one about more sleep that He chose to grant.

and then i realized i was really hungry. so i have already taken down a banana and my toast just popped out. let me throw some jam on that real quick…


anyway, i don’t have a ton to blog about. or maybe i do. i just noticed that i haven’t blogged since last monday. where does the time go?!?!

you didn’t miss much last week though. i did a ton of laundry last week. topher had been awesome about waking up with a dry diaper for quite a while now, so chris and i finally decided he was ready to sleep in undies (with lots of protection on his mattress). he did so great for over a week. and then he had three accidents in a row. argh. and of course one of those accidents was on my bed, on my comforter. good times.

but last week topher showed some real interest in his new baby sister. he sat on my lap one night and just started reading a story to her/my stomach. that was really cute, but the cutest thing was that it was a story about chris playing on the phoenix suns. it’s a book that chris got as a gift from his dad about 20 years ago, and there is a picture of chris’ head on the body of a basketball player, and topher thinks that it’s real. so toph was introducing his sister to their dad, the phoenix sun.

lily has been delightfully surprising chris and i with her awesome brain. i have to admit, we have already pinned our kids as ‘lily the jock’ and ‘topher the brain’. that’s probably bad. but lily has been spewing back stuff that i am trying to teach her like nobodies’ business! in the summer when jeehon and i would take turns teaching the kids stuff, lily was the least interested in learning. but now she is all over our korean lessons and learning the Lord’s Prayer and other wonderful things like that. i am so proud of her! and for some reason, lily is also really obsessed with the car being parked backwards. gotta love the mind of a four year old.

so, that’s about it. like i said, you haven’t missed much. chris is getting ready for a sprint triathlon with his brother in 2 weeks, so you can look forward to that post. as for me, i am just getting ready for a marathon, aka childbirth and everything that comes after that.



up since 4:30


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