twenty-ten. hello.

January 1, 2010

three napping kids and a napping hubby too. this new year is looking a lot like last year. sungu is here for the weekend while his parents live it up in vegas, celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. i can say this now, since my beautiful nephew is asleep- that i am so glad to be able to spend this time with him before he ups and leaves for Korea in a few short months! the kids have been playng together non-stop- first the trains, then sitting in the dark with their new flashlights, then playing hide-and-seek, then running to me begging for a snack and a drink. a good, fun, and exhausting age!
well, 2009 marked my first full year of not being pregnant or giving birth since i’ve been married! yipee!! but 2009 still had it’s fair share of babies- 6 friends added to their families, and 2 of my sister-in-laws blessed our family with more little ones to love. 2009 marked the 10 year mark of my high school graduation. gulp. oldness… we went to 2 weddings and NO FUNERALS! way to stay alive everyone! our uncle Matt, who was diagnosed with cancer in october-ish, is now cancer free for as much as the doctors can tell! he is still undergoing chemotherapy to get everything cleared up, but we are all praising Jesus in a big way for watching over our family!
and now it’s 2010. i haven’t had much of a chance to really think about and pray about my new years resolutions. the main one i came up with is simple, yet demanding-and that is to be better at all my relationships this year than i was last year. this includes being a better mom than i was in 2009, a better wife, a better daughter to both my mom AND my dad (i am really terrible at picking up a phone to just chat with him), a better daughter-in-law, a better sister and sister-in-law, a better aunt, a better grand-daughter, a better friend (again, especially to my out-of-town friends. just gotta pick up that phone…), a better volunteer, a better one-day-a-week worker, and of course- a better Jesus-follower. maybe i should just pick one or two to really focus on, but you know what? there isn’t enough time for that. these are hats i wear everyday. i can’t just pick my favorite two and put the others at the back of the closet.
so that’s what i’ve got for now. i will probably come up with a few resolutions that i will surely break, but for now, since this is my one and only resolution, i will do my best not to break it.
here’s to 2010 friends! (raising my lukewarm green tea latte to you.)



twenty-ten. hello.


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