Tuesday with Topher

May 7, 2011

it’s friday! but i started this post on tuesday, which is why it is called ‘tuesday with topher’.

this morning we dropped Lily off at school and then topher and i proceeded to a birthday breakfast for Papa Jerry. Papa Jerry was working so we actually had a birthday breakfast without him, but you were missed Jerry! and happy birthday! so the ‘party’ consisted of barb, grandma, grandpa, and our wonderful waiter, who happened to be african american. this wonderful state of arizona is in SERIOUS need of some racial diversity. why do i say this? because as we were waiting for our breakfast topher started asking: “what’s the black man doing? where’s the black man going?” OMG. mortifying. my son is racist. or something terrible like that. i actually had to shove his face into my shoulder to muffle his obsurdly loud voice, and whisper in his ear that we NEVER say stuff like that. fortunately he listened, like a good boy. i have to admit my heart stopped when our nice waiter brought our food for fear that topher would say something crazy like: “thank you black man.”

then we went and picked up lily from school and went to our cousin’s house for lunch and a playdate. i am loving playdates with my 3 and 4 year old these days! they need such little supervision! or do they…

near the end of our time together, i was talking to topher and noticed something colorful kept poking out of his nose as i he was talking to me and breathing. i asked him if he stuffed something up his nose and he said: “yes.” so then our cousin googled: “how to get stuff out of your kid’s nose” i was trying to get him to blow his nose into a tissue, but a tiny corner of whatever that was stuck in my son’s nose kept peeking out and i couldn’t grab it. tweezers! needed tweezers. so chris’ cousin went and grabbed tweezers and then topher started freaking out. they were shiny and pointy and topher did not think those belonged anywhere near his nose. so he started crying and stuff, and managed to blow the thing out of his nose (while i held the other nostril closed). what was it? a blue, flat, foam star. where did it come from? how long had it been there? all good questions, with no answers. oh my tophy. such a boy.

so that’s all the stuff that happened on tuesday with my boy. but lately he has been killing me with his requests that i leave my hair down. he hates when i have my hair in a pony tail! i don’t know why. sometimes when he wakes up and i have my hair back, he starts to cry, and immediately stops if i take my hair out of the ponytail. it’s crazy and i don’t understand it. maybe there is someone who has beaten him and traumatized him who had a ponytail. maybe that person was me. i don’t know. he says i look handsome with my hair back and beautiful with my hair down. i am wondering if he really knows what ‘handsome’ means, even though he is very aware that i think he is a very handsome boy. i don’t know. all i know is that i love my sweet little topher even though he is a little bit racist. but we are working on that! and on not shoving crafts up our noses.



Tuesday with Topher


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