tough morning

January 13, 2010

topher got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. which is a weird expression because he is still in his crib, and he only gets out on one side. but this morning, that side was the wrong one. he had peed through his diaper so his pjs, and bed were wet. boo. but once i got him nice and cleaned up- he made a huge pee pee on the potty! way to go topher! gotta take the bad with the good.

then i got a text from a good friend of mine and it said: “meeting at my house now! can’t wait!” she meant: “we are meeting at my house instead of the other place we had talked about. can’t wait to see you later tonight.” but i read: “get over to my house now. i can’t wait till later. having a serious meltdown. please hurry.” isn’t it funny how you can read one thing in two totally different ways??? so needless to say i rushed over to find my friend doing great, and surprised to see me. i could have been embarrassed, but i got to hang out with my friend for a little while which is always a big bonus for me. take the good and the bad.

we left my friend’s house early cause topher was having a meltdown. again- wrong side of the bed thing. everything was upsetting him. being in the car. having his shoes on. not having his shoes on. it’s like he has baby pms for boys. it’s not cool, especially since i have REAL pms for women. right now. later i looked into topher’s mouth when we were brushing his teeth, and he has 3 teeth breaking the surface right now. that sucks for him. and everyone who is within ear shot of his cries and complaints. i have had two cankers in my mouth this whole week, and i think mouth pain is some of the worst pain you can be in. this coming from someone who birthed two childern, and wore braces for almost three years. so i am trying to have way more sympathy for him right now.

then i got a call from my girlfriend who has a nephew who is waiting for lots of different things to fall in to place so that he can go home to his new mommy and daddy. this little boy lives in an orphanage in haiti. and praise Jesus because he, and everyone at the orphanage are fine. how?? grace of God. i am complaining about a tough morning with my cranky kids, but i am well aware that it is much worse for so many others. please pray with me for those in haiti, and for my friend’s nephew to miraculously get to go home sooner than later. only God can make something good come out of something so bad.



tough morning


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