Toto’s Two

March 30, 2010

when i look at topher with his new haircut, i see topher-from-the-past. when he was a skinny little baby with a big ol’head, without much hair. now he’s a skinny little boy with a big ol’head, without much hair!

saturday we celebrated topher’s 2nd birthday! yowsers. we went to liberty market for brunch with topher’s only state-side imo- grace, and charles. topher ate most of my grilled bread pudding, which meant i had to eat most of his pizza. it worked out pretty well, especially since he got my bread pudding for free! (thanks again Joe!)then we proceeded to chandler mall to ride the train, again. except chris was around and got to ride the train with the kids for the first time!

geez louise kids. try not to look so exicted…
the day was looking alot like lily’s birthday, so we decided to mix things up a bit and go to church. it’s funny, but because lily and topher are so close in age, i sometimes take for granted that they are two different human beings. topher often gets the short end of the stick because he is smart and easy going. he almost talks as much as lily does. and he almost pees on the potty as much as lily does. but he’s a year younger than her! he just moved into his big boy bed, and he is going through the exact same transition issues as she was at his age. he either wakes up really early (a bit before 6) and stays up, or he wakes up at 4ish, cries to make sure he is not alone in the world, and quickly drifts back off to sleep. and it made me so mad at first, because i was tired, and cause i already went through this crazy stage with lily. but topher is very much entitled to have a turn too!

topher is a great little monster. he has the best poker face in the world. maybe he will make millions on the world poker circuit. you can’t always tell if he is scared, sad, happy, or elated by the expression on his face. that always makes me laugh. sometimes when he speaks, his nostrils flare automatically. again- very funny. the way he calls lily ‘noona’ is one of the sweetest sounds. he loves his noona. he also really really really likes food. if there is food on the table, topher is at the table. he always finishes eating before everyone because he always starts eating before everyone. he has to have his first bite before we start our mealtime prayer, and often struggles to swallow his first taste of whatever goody someone has given him, so that he can say ‘thank you’ for the treat.

topher, you are so very special to dad and me. we love you SO MUCH. and we are SO THANKFUL that God blessed us with such an incredible, cute, hilarious, and tender-hearted little guy like yourself. i am sorry i expect you to act like a three year old (read: a 20 year old actually) even though you just turned 2! topher, you are a superduper kid, and though you are loving on the superhero- batman, pretty hard right now, he ain’t got nothing on you.

this pic was from a week ago. he loves his hand-me-down batman uniform (from sungu!)as you will see in a second…

birthday batman to the rescue! ‘what? this cupcake needs to be demolished? no problemo!’

batman, half man, half bat, totally incredible. happy birthday bubba. we love you so much!



Toto’s Two


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