Topher Update

August 15, 2008

Here’s a little update on how my little man is doing and everything you guys have missed cause we have not been connected to the internet in over a week!

-at his last doctor’s appointment, these were his stat: 26 inches long which puts him in the 80th percentile fpr his height, 14 lbs 8 oz which puts him in the 35th percentile for his weight (he had pooed the day before. if only they had weighed him on day 10 of not pooing!) and his head circumference was 17 inches, which puts him in the 75th percentile. (not to keep comparing my kids, but lily’s giant noggin has always been in the 90th plus!)

-he is finally in his own room! at the other house we didn’t ever bother to move him into his own room cause his room would have been lily’s room, which means lily would have had to move to a room in the basement for like a month or so, and then move again once we got to this house. so he went into his own room when we got here and it sucked. his first two nights were VERY rough to say the least. one of those nights i woke up about six times. no joke. but he has since had one twelve hour night, one ten hour night, and a few eights. pretty sure he is in the midst of a growth spurt.

-he finally rolled over! for some reason it took him a long time to do… no wait, i know the reason- i never gave him enough time on flat surfaces (the other kids are rowdy and all over the place! didn’t want my little guy to get trampled!) anyway, he did it right in front of both Chris and i so we were both very excited that we both witnessed it.

-he got a glycerin suppository shoved up his butt last week. actually, i just barely had to shove it, because once i got it close enough to his tush, he actually seemed to vaccuum it right up. and therein lies the problem- his butt is a vaccuum that sucks stuff up instead of being a gun that shoots stuff out. did it work? yeah- after twelve hours! probably going to have to take him to a specialist.

-he has caught a fever. the olympic fever that is. he watches with his dad every night. he is pretty excited about being american. he is also quite proud of his korean brothers and sisters, though they seem to medal pretty heavily in the ‘violent’ sports. and as for his canadian counterparts… well, he is waiting for them to medal in two years when they have the winter olympics. (come on Canada! uzbekistan and tajikistan have medals and you don’t!)

and that’s about it. he is starting to get the hang of eating off the spoon (oatmeal mixed with prune juice. still no action on the bowel front!). he is such a good baby. we love him to pieces. and i really need to go to sleep. bye for now!



Topher Update


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