Oh girl…

January 20, 2010

topher had his day in the sun, so now it’s lily’s turn. i have recently been having glimpses into lily’s future, and i like some of it, and some of it makes me just want to get down on my knees and pray. the above pic for example. lily did not want to take a nap the other day, but then she passed out in the living room. it just so happened that she passed out on her potty. flashforward 20, no THIRTY years, when she gets drunk as a skunk (in the privacy of her own home!) on half of a glass of a wine cooler (like mother, like daughter!) let’s say this is a picture of her future, and she is drunk in public, hugging a toilet, not a potty, imagine her father standing off to the side of this picture, ready to arrest his daughter, and every person who serves alcohol in the state of arizona.

another peak into her future that kinda freaks me out comes to me when lily is trying to poop. lily has some bowel issues. she just has very firm poops. we are trying to insert A LOT of fiber into her diet. but sometimes it still takes a VERY long time to get it out. sometimes there are tears. sometimes there are screams. sometimes lily wants me to go away. but sometimes she wants me to hug her and push with her. i count to three and we ‘PPPPPPPPPPPPUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ then we take a break. breath. then get ready for another big ‘PPPPPPPUUUUUUUUUUUSHHHHHHHH!!!’
again, maybe this will happen in 30 years… but not while she is drunk on half a wine cooler. obviously, that’s not ok.

then there is this picture. i hope this is a picture of her future. it’s almost as good as a chastity belt. that’s 6 pairs of undies on top of her diaper folks. impenetrable! yes, these undies have been put on haphazardly, but somehow she got them all on, and she even fell asleep like this for awhile. this picture was taken last week when she was getting pumped about potty training. we are in the midst of potty training week, and i will have pics and posts aplenty of that in the very near future. just know we are all alive, sane, there is some pee pee on the carpet, but there is plenty of joy in our hearts and praise for Jesus!


  1. hahaha. You guys are a riot!! Is that a Sponge Bob tatoo that Lily has on her arm?!?

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