too many wee-wees = lots of pee pee

August 8, 2011

the last two or three weeks have been urine-filled ones for me.

we watched chris’ dad’s dog a few weeks ago. it was just for a few days and everything went really well for the most part. d.c, my dog-in-law, and pug got along really well. maybe a little too well. they were boyfriends by the end of their time together. i guess that’s better than them hating each other. yikes, did i just say homosexuality in dogs is better than a little animosity?… that’s not what this post is really about.

what this post is really about is a lot of urine. the day after d.c. left i noticed a pee stain on the carpet in the living room as i was picking up some toys. then i noticed another stain. and then another. and then another. and yet another. i think i found 6 pee stains on the carpet in the living room and 1 in the kitchen. it was so anti-awesome. i brought out my handy little carpet cleaner, but that was not enough. so after i used my little carpet cleaner, i busted out the big bissel carpet cleaner that i borrowed from lindsay a while ago. i am assuming that pug peed everywhere to show d.c. that this is his house and that he is the alpha dog. maybe it wasn’t all pug’s fault, but at this point in my life, i like to blame everything on pug. if someone has strewn trash all over the living room, i blame pug. if there’s nothing in the house for me to make dinner, i blame pug. if the kids are acting up and the internet isn’t working, i blame pug. you get the picture.

anyway, i was a very very unhappy dog owner while i was getting urine out of my carpets that had been professionally cleaned a month ago. i also wasn’t happy wiping pee up off of the floor, off of the walls, some toys, and my couch. but this is my lot in life- urine cleaner.

and now that sungu has been here for a bit more than two months, the bathroom that the kids use the most was really starting to smell bad. i would spray and disinfect and wipe and spray and hope for the urine smell to disappear. we also tried masking some of the smell with scented oils and such. some days were better than others. but the other day ago was much more than me and my ultra-sensitive-pregnant nose could bear. my bathroom smelled worse than a public bathroom! horror of horrors.

so i went to target and bought a butt-load of new cleaning supplies. i got a chlorox bleach spray, and something that looks and smells like a bar of soap that sits on the side of your toilet bowl. success! urine smell gone! for now. i heart bleach very very much.

i was feeling really great about my victory against my evil bathroom until topher and sungu came out of my bathroom and were giggling about making an ‘x’.

“what is an ‘x’? what are you guys talking about???” i demanded.

“we made an ‘x’! we made an ‘x’!” the boys squealed with delight.

“what is an ‘x’? did you pee on the ground and make an ‘x’? what are you talking about????” furry and confusion.

“no! we both peed and made an ‘x’!” the boys were very proud of themselves.

i told them that that was absolutely unacceptable behavior and that they needed to take turns peeing one rainbow, with all urine making it safely into the bowl.

and this is perhaps why my bathroom smells the way it does. too many wee wees, too much pee pee.



too many wee-wees = lots of pee pee


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