tony stark and ariel in the mail

June 27, 2012

i got the mail yesterday and there was nothing for me. or mia. but chris got his sweet 15 free drink from starbucks post card, and lily and topher got some mail from two of their favoritest people!

topher’s card is from tony stark, who is actually ironman. the return address even said: “stark enterprises, new york, new york.” topher opened his card and found a sweet message that said:

“dear topher, i’m so excited to be writing you from my office in new york. i’ve heard what an extraordinary brother you are and wanted to tell you i’m really proud of you. it’s not always easy to keep peace with others, but you do a super job. jarvis keeps me updated on the superhero acts you do. just the other night at dinner pepper potts was telling me how fast you are on the slip n’ slide. you are one cool kid! sincerely, tony stark.”

then lily’s card came from 884 w triton way, pacific ocean. her card reads:

“dearest lily, hello, you beautiful girl! i hope this letter dries before it gets to you! i’m writing this in me dad’s castle under the sea. yesterday i swam to the surface, as scuttle told me that he flew by your house.  he said you were outside in your flower swimsuit. i bet it’s gorgeous. i wish there was a way we could swim together! i hope you have a fantastic week. you always do such a great job of loving your sis + brother, and listening to your mom and dad. keep it up! love you! ariel.”

can you believe how sweet and thoughtful tony and ariel are?!?!?

i don’t know why i didn’t have a camera on these kids’ faces when i read their cards to them, cause i really missed the most precious, sincerely awestruck looks that cannot be recreated.

now, obviously tony stark and ariel are not real, and did not send the kids cards on the exact same day- how coincidental would that be? no, instead my super-thoughtful, very knowledgeable about the things my kids like (and wear!), AND pro-active friend sent my kids those cards. i can think about being sweet and thoughtful, and i do often enough. but do i ever act out on those thoughts? pretty much never. especially if it is a 4-step process that involves making cute cards, writing in them, finding stamps, AND mailing them off!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s one thing for me to be blessed by having an incredible friend, but for my kids to be blessed by my friend- that’s special. so, thank you dear friend of my heart, for being a dear friend, and for making my kids’ days. love you love you love you!



tony stark and ariel in the mail


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