to pee or not to pee

July 15, 2010

i had kind of a terrible day yesterday.
we met our friend jenny at 9:30am. or we were supposed to. only i was about 15 minutes late. sorry again jenny! hanging out with jenny was definitely not the terrible part though. we met at chik-fil-a cause they have a big slide. that’s pretty much all my kids need to have a fun time. that or a pool.
anyway, we were having a gay old time, until topher wet his pants. another mom, who was sitting with her kids and two other adults came over to ask if those were our kids and to inform us that the little boy just ran up the climbing apparatus with wet pants. oh expletive. i even thought i should have made topher pee before he started playing, but he’s been so good about telling me he has to pee, even when he is playing. but alas, he peed.
so i took him to the bathroom. jenny was good enough to climb up the VERYSMALL, and urine-infested climbing apparatus to get a sad lily who was dealing sith sudden abandonment issues. thanks jenny! after i got topher cleaned up and wrapped up in a pull-up, we went to the counter, ordered some food (had to give these people some cash before i dropped this bomb on them) and told them topher had an accident. i asked if they had any disinfecting spray and that i would be more than glad to clean topher’s mess, but the girl at the counter was very sweet and told me they would take care of it ‘no problem.
so we sat, ate our food and waited. the girl came over and put a ‘caution-wet floor’ sign up on the door. then she was gone. for like ten minutes. the mom, who knew that topher had peed in there, let her kids go in and play. but i stopped them and told them that it was closed. the mom came over to see what the ‘commotion’ was. so i told her it was closed and that someone was coming to clean the area. she smiled and said ‘oh! usually the person who causes an issue takes care of it, but, ok!’ WOW. do you think that because you make a jab at someone with a smile on your face, that it makes it less of a jab???? i hate jabbers. i wanted to slap the woman. i was going to tell her that i had offered to clean the mess up, but i was too pissed due to her snideness. thanks for making an already bad situation worse lady. i really wanted to punch her in her smiley little face.
then the girl from behind the counter came over, armed with sponges, bags, gloves, and spray bottles. she asked me where the accident happened, and i told her i didn’t know. cause i didn’t. but that there was definitely pee on the steps, and that i found him at the top of the steps. so she looked at me and said: “oh, so, like, everywhere.” i told her i didn’t know, but that i really really really wanted to help her clean it. she said it was company policy that they take care of it. her ‘no problem’ attitude was no where to be found. there was a problem. and that problem appeared to be me.
needless to say, we ate and got the heck out of there. but not before another family came in, and the kids immediately ran for the closed play area. ‘sorry guys, they’re cleaning it right now.’ this time, the mom (who knew nothing of the real situation) was pleasantly surprised. ‘wow! that’s great that they’re cleaning it.’ and it WAS GREAT that they were cleaning it. cause i have never really seen a fast food chain clean their slides and stuff. so now the question that irks me, (besides what the heck that other mom’s problem is) is whether i should always walk into fast food restaurants and tell them that topher peed on their slide just so i can see someone clean the dang thing.



to pee or not to pee


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