To Each Her Own

February 9, 2008

Chris’ brother, and wife just had their first baby this morning. Welcome to the world little Gabe.
Your entrance was RIDICULOUS.
Lindsay, the proud new mama, had her regular check up at about four in the afternoon. She went, they checked her out, and she was 2 cm dialated. That’s it. No effacement. So we all figured that Gabe was going to stay in the womb for another week, if not more. Lindsay and her hubby continued on with their day- going to church to lead bible study, then coming home to watch LOST, which they had recorded. Before they started watching though, Lindsay was in the bathroom and she felt a trickling, which she was pretty sure wasn’t urine. She had just read a day or two ago that when your water breaks, it can either be a rushing river, or a trickling stream. She was experiencing the latter. But because she hadn’t had any contractions yet, she decided to lay low. So she watched the hour-long episode of LOST, during which time she did start having contractions, and then they proceeded to go to the hospital.
My sense of time of all this is not exactly accurate, but it’s close. So her water broke at about 11:30 pm, and they went to the hospital at 1:00am. Chris, who was working, gave me a call to let me know what was going on. He suggested that we go to the hospital when he got home from work, which would be in about two or three hours. At first it seemed like a good idea, but Lily was fast asleep in her crib, and I really didn’t want to wake her up just so we could go to the hospital just to say ‘Hi’ to the expecting parents. But by the time Chris got home two hours alter- Gabe had made his grand entrance! And i was pissed/ jealous! Chris tried to assure me that what happened to Lindsay was probably normal- that not all women sit around dialated at 4 cm for a week before having their baby. But what does Chris know? Especially about birthing babies? He’s so cute for trying to console me.
I am so happy for Lindsay, and Robert and Gabe. I know she was terrified of the birthing process. I can only hope and pray that my baby torpedoes out of the womb the way hers did. This just goes to show that every woman is so different, and evey birthing story is so unique. Pretty amazing all in all.



To Each Her Own


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