time for feet

April 5, 2011

yesterday was a great day.

i told lily that we were going somewhere supfun with Nana and Aunt Lindsay after church. topher asked where he was going. i told him he was going to hang out with dad. “are we going on a boyadventure?” he asked. “you have to ask dad.” i don’t know where he got boyadventure from, but it’s my new favorite word. when chris woke up, topher posed the same question to his dad, and chris said: “of course.” he had no plan but how can you say no to a boyadventure???

so after church we parted ways. topher and chris went to Peter Piper Pizza, a cheaper version of ChuckECheese (is that how you spell that?…) and topher was so happy with the boyadventure that his dad had chosen for them.

the ladies on the other hand made it over to Elite Nails on Val Vista and Elliot for pedicures! we were celebrating Barb’s birthday which was last week. happy birthday Barb! where would i be without thee???? you are the wind beneath my wings 🙂

when i had called the day before to set up our appointments, (480-507-6900 if you’re interested!) i told the receptionist that there would be 4 of us but that one of us was a child. so i asked how much that would cost- $25 for the adults and $15 for the child. hmm… a bit steep considering lily’s 10 toe nails are the size of my big toe nail combined, but chris said you can’t put a price on the experience and to just go for it. what a great dad!

so we got there and lily LOVED it. i told her she could pick whatever color she wanted and she said: “GREEN!!!!!!!” ok. so she picked out a minty green and she was ready to party!

lily sat in her own chair for a little while. then sat with nana. then sat with me. the salon people looked at her and were wondering how they would get her feet to reach the tub of water. i told them not to bother, cause there was no way to make it happen except to have her just stand up straight in it. while she sat on Barb’s lap, they sprayed her feet with the little hose, and they took off the nail polish that was on her toes already.

then she sat with me and when the guy (possibly the owner?) finished with my feet he started his work on Lily’s little tootsies. he threw on two coats of the green. ok. not worth $15. then he busted out some pink nail polish and put a cute flower on both big toes. ok. that was cute. then he got out some glitter and fancied those flowers up some more. ok. $15 was kind of worth it after all. but then we paid for the whole shabang and the guy only charged me $5 for lily’s toes! THE BEST $5 I HAVE EVER SPENT!!!!!

afterwards we went out for some Starbucks. lily had a little pink donut and the rest of us had some wonderfully cold beverages. it was a perfectly lovely ladies’ afternoon with 3 of my favoritest ladies.



time for feet


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