Time Flies

November 24, 2007

I can’t believe it’s already the end of November. I had meant to write so many times since the last time I logged in. Chris and I had a funny fight a bunch of weeks ago. I went back to Toronto to visit my family. Lily has since started crawling (as opposed to scooting via the ‘army shuffle’), standing against furniture, and a tooth has FINALLY poked out past the gums! Where does the time go? Thanksgiving is already behind us and now is it Christmas Madness! (One of my favourite times of year.)

Next month we have Chris’ birthday, our second anniversary, and Christmas. I was really stumped for present ideas, but then Chris decided he could not live any longer without an XBox. What the?!?!? I have no idea where that came from. Apparently he saw a game- CAll of Duty 4, that he just had to have. He is such a sucker for commercials. XBox marketing- Well Done. You have caused another one to bite the dust. So, we actually have a Nintendo Wii, and a Playstation2, and do we use any of those? NO. But Chris said he would sell the other two video game consoles on EBay, and he even went Black Friday shopping to get the XBox. Chris HATES shopping. I think I mentioned this before. But, he now LOVES Black Friday shopping.

He got off of work at 2:30am, Black Friday morn, and so he proceeded to Walmart on his way home. The doors opened at 3, which is about the time he got there, he calmly walked over to the electronics department, started the line (!), and managed to get one of the two XBoxes (with a $50 gift card to boot). He had to stand in line for two hours, but he stood there in amazement as he watched fights almost break out, and people running around in frantic insanity to get that $3 item that was once a whopping $10. I love my husband. He is an action man through and through.

Anyway, Lily is about to wake up from her little nap, and we are going to try to put a dent in our Christmas Shopping list. Happy shopping to the rest of you out there.



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