time and sanity flies…

June 11, 2010

i know i said i would write a post about chris’ marathon “soon”, but how the heck is it already friday? how is it already june 11th? how is it june?? time flies too quickly my friends.
anyway, i wanted to write a quick post about how crazy i am. for those of you who are my facebook friends, you may already know about my drama from yesterday. but there are plenty of you who are smarter than me, and don’t even have facebook accounts (yes you michelle and kendra! i applaud you guys and your time-saving ways!) so here is my story from yesterday:
actually, my story kinda started wednesday night. chris and i put the kids down for bed. it was a long and drawn out process because lily decided she REALLY wanted to get a lot of spankings and timeouts before calling it a day. chris was captain discipline, which he hates being. but he’s so good at it! we don’t really know what got into our precious little girl. over-tiredness? sadness from not seeing daddy all day? just being three? so many possibilities. anyway, she finally went down, and chris and i were able to unwind with some special treats and ‘so you think you can dance’. chris’ treat was a root beer float, and mine was a handful or ten of cheeseballs. after some much needed time in front of the tv, with each other, and things that will make us chubby, we called it a night.
then thursday morning happened. a glorious thursday morning! topher came into my room at SEVEN AM!!!! the morning before he woke up at 5:50am. with his sister in tow. but topher came silently, and alone, which was great cause lily fell asleep later than topher, and managed to ‘sleep in’ till 7:20am. miracle of miracles. we got ready for our day which would include hanging out at mc donald’s toddler zone, going to the mall to find birthday presents for james and sungu, chillin at home, then hanging out with gabe and corban in the evening. fun-filled! but as i was about to leave the apartment, i realized i didn’t have my phone on me. i knew without a doubt in my mind that the phone had been with me on the couch while we were watching tv, because i am a text-a-holic. phone could not be found. oh well, i would look for it later during nap time.
we came back from our outing. and the search began. all the couch cushions were removed. all the crevices were searched. many crumbs were found. but no phone. i called it again and again. i was pretty sure i had it on the lowest volume, but i could not find it or hear it! i asked topher a million times if he had seen or touched the phone. maybe he had actuallly woken up at 6am and wandered about the apartment aimlessly for an hour. i checked his bed, his favorite hiding spots (the pantry, behind the enteretainment unit, the cabinet with all my pots and pans), the toilet, his toy bins, etc etc. and i asked lily if she had seen or touched my phone. she said “in the kitchen”. in the kitchen? really? so i checked everywhere in the kitchen. i tought maybe i was losing my mind, so i checked the microwave, the oven, the dishwasher, the load of laundry i had just done, the freezer, the fridge, all the shelves, nothing. no phone. then i checked her little play kitchen. still no phone. 
then i got on facebook to see what kind of awesome advice i might get from my friends. i got some good ones: the garbage, the backyard, the last place i had had it… etc. so i tried again to replay my night from when i had actually seen my phone, so i went back to the kitchen and looked in the freezer, cause i know i got the ice cream out of there. then i remembered that i had eaten cheeseballs, but i knew for sure that there was no way that i would have put my phone in the bag of cheeseballs. but i decided to check anyway, just to humor myself…

i am not a smart person… but i am a great detective.



time and sanity flies…


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