Thursday’s Thing- Marriage

December 3, 2009

i think my last three or four posts have been about marriage, so i figured my thursday’s thing would be about marriage. i have to say that i am beyond blessed to be married to the amazing chris watson. he is a seriously wonderful person to be married to. sure he farts, and he doesn’t like doing housework. i think that makes him a man. but he is SO patient with the kids, and SO patient with me, and he supports me in EVERYTHING i do. most of all, he is very honest. he is honest when he is struggling with personal things, he is honest when he is struggling with things about me, and it is his number one goal to not make me cry. but today’s post isn’t about chris. it’s about marriage. and i am all for marriage (remember? go lamar and khloe!) but more than that God is all for marriage. it is one of his best gifts. and it’s a gift that too many people take for granted (tiger woods. oh, i don’t even have the words for that subject yet…)

for those who are not yet married, but are planning on getting married soon, check out this website: (why is this not making a direct link?!?!? computers! i don’t know how they work.)

what??! is that a shameless plug for my brother-in-law’s personal website? YOU BET! robert is one of the most hilarious guys i have ever met. when he and chris are together, you better be wearing a diaper cause you WILL PEE YOUR PANTS. but along with being hilarious, he is also WISE. He has a profound love for Jesus, and it shows in his life, and when he speaks. if you have never heard him teach, go to high school group at 11:59am at Sun Valley Community Church. and if you want someone to marry you, who can seriously cater your ceremony to be the way you want it to be- robert watson is your guy! i have had the pleasure of watching him officiate a good handful of weddings, all very different, all very special.

another great thing you will find on that website is premarital counseling, which robert, and other pastors at Sun Vally offer. and you need it. we all need counseling. cause we are all messed up. and we are marrying another messed up person. it’s awesome! God is very good at taking messy people and making them clean. spotlessly clean, actually.

so, for you married people out there- keep on keeping on! choose your marriage, your spouse, over everything else. and for those who are about to embark on the journey- take heart! the path is not easy, but travel it with people who will pray for you, and who are also for your marriage. i want to say that chris and i are so very blessed to have that, which is why we have the marriage that we do. and you will never see us in the paper, with chris crashed into a fire hydrant, and me wielding a 3-iron.



Thursday’s Thing- Marriage


  1. Should have been a driver 🙂

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