Thursday’s Thing- Eclubs and Free Birthday Food!

December 10, 2009

What is an Eclub you ask? If you go to a restaurant’s website, you will often find a link that says “Eclub”, or something of the like. It has been my new hobby for the last two days to enter as many eclubs as humanly possible. “Why?” you ask. Cause Chris’ birthday is coming up next week and I want to eat somewhere awesome for as close to free as possible!

So here’s what I have come up with so far: This is one of the bestest restaurants in Arizona. Super family-friendly atmosphere (read: your kids can be loud and no one will shoot you dirty looks.) And very very yummy food. Best of all- you don’t even have to sign up on-line to get free food on your birthday! You just show up with your id and you get $10 off of the food you order. The best deal for anyone who wants to drown the sorrows of aging in some great bbq’ed foods. This is a cute little restaurant that serves breakfast- waffles, and stuff, and gourmet burgers. It’s the exact same deal as the above. Cause it’s a ‘Joe’s’ retaurant, and whoever Joe is- he wants you to be happy, full, and not broke on your birthday. This is another cute restaurant in Gilbert. I’ve never been here before, but am jonesing to make a stop. Will probably do so on Chris’ birthday, since you get $10 off here too. My gilrfriend Cindy said they have very good salads, sandwiches, and desserts. They open at 7am, so hopefully their breakfast foods are good too. I think ‘Joe’ owns this fine establishment as well, because apparently ‘Joe’ owns a good portion of the town of Gilbert. Again- my hat goes off to you Joe. If I could, I would hug you. Great place to have burgers and shakes. If you sign up for their Eclub, you can get a free burger on your birthday. And I believe you can use it within a week of your actual birthday, which is good, cause there are some places you have to go to ON your birthday, so save this freebie for later on in your birthday week. This is supposed to be a really nice mexican restaurant with very nice ambiance and awesome food. (This is the word on the street. I have never been personally but am hoping to go soon!) I just signed up for their Eclub, and just for doing an online survey I got a coupon for a free entree! Hoping something even better comes up by Chris’ birthday…

Ok. I think I probably should have saved this post till next week, after I actually ‘received’ things for Chris’ birthday (I hope I receive lots of awesome free things for Chris’ birthday!) But, the biggest clue that I am going to get something is that they ask for your date of birth in your Eclub registration. Why would you want to know my birthday unless you wanted to shower me with gifts and coupons?!?!?!? So, I guess part 2 of this post will come after the 19th of this month. (I will probably be about 10 lbs heavier after all these good eats!)
I just want you to be aware folks- that there is a lot of good food out there to be eaten (this is the United States of America. Land of the eating-well.) but you can eat well AND not have to miss your mortgage payment.

Happy meal times to all! And especially- Happy Birthdays. Spend your hard earned birthday cash on stuff other than food.


Thursday’s Thing- Eclubs and Free Birthday Food!


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