three weeks

December 1, 2011

my mia (mee-ah. people have been asking so i am clarifying. not my-ah) is going to be three weeks old in about ten hours.

it’s been a phenomenal three weeks! our little peanut girl has already gained about a pound and grown an inch and pretty much does not fit into any of her newborn-size pjs! this pretty much means that she is now the size of lily at birth. yowsers. my crotch hurts just remembering that… mia is pretty much still just eating and sleeping and pooping. but the few minutes that she is awake during the day, she smiles and stares and is just the sweetest looking little thing you ever did see! i love to stare into her big steel-grey eyes. they are so innocent and honest. mia has such a sweet temperament and easy-going disposition. i can’t be mad at her even when it’s 5am and i am changing the third poopy diaper of the hour- she’s just too cute!

chris is STILL home from work (thank you scottsdale!) which means i am still living in a fantasy world and i do not know what life with three kids is really like. topher has reverted to acting like a baby for a few minutes everyday, but he’s already toning it down quite a bit. mostly cause we ignore him when he whines and insists on being carried. but for the most part lily and topher have been INCREDIBLE and i feel super-blessed that i had them super-close together and that we waited quite a while to have mia. best of both worlds!

my parents have been here since saturday and they have been so great. they are beyond in love with their newest grandbaby, and thoroughly amused by the antics of their older grandkids. and my mother has been cooking and stocking up my fridge and freezer with korean food. yesterday chris, my dad, my mom and i all made homemade dumplings (aka ‘mandoo’ in korean, ‘gyozas’ in japanese, ‘potstickers’ in english…) funtimes!

today we went to Bass Pro for some winterwonderland funtimes. we met Santa, wrote him a letter, and rode the free little carousel twice. and looked at their creepy variety of creepy gigantic fish. so fun. i love love love our family.

and tomorrow our family is going to grow with the addition of one more member as chris’ youngest brother gets married to the lovely miss alycia hall. we are THRILLED to be witnessing the union of two adorable, sweet, and loving kids (at 21 and 20- you guys are definitely still kids in my eyes!) yeah for family and love and marriage.

here’s a smorgasboard of pics from the last week or so:



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