three crazy shrimps

August 1, 2011

the kids are in the middle of their second session of swim lessons this summer. i never got around to posting about their first session that happened a little over a month ago. but you didn’t miss much. the kids started off in the ‘shrimps’ class, and that’s where they still are because they can’t float on their fronts and backs for 5 seconds yet. but that’s according to me, their swim instructor, and anyone else who can see that they don’t know how to swim. but according to lily, sungu, and topher- they are really great swimmers!

lily’s best trick is that she jumps into the water and then turns around and ‘swims’ to the side of the pool and grabs on to the wall. sungu is getting pretty good at floating independently and may be the first ‘shrimp’ to move on. topher is fearless/clueless and was the first to start swimming/looking-like-someone-who-is- drowning. he tries to kick but doesn’t get very far very fast. but he tries! and it’s awesome.

if you haven’t ever checked out the aquatics program through the city of gilbert (town, whatever) you should! it’s $25 for 8 lessons (monday-thursday for two weeks) and each lesson is 25 minutes long. 25 minutes seems like a pretty short amount of time, but as a parent who has to sit outside and watch her kids- 25 minutes is plenty long!!!

here are some pics of the kids during their lesson, and some pics of lovely miss sunha, who often also sits poolside with jeehon and i. even in 110+ degree weather, she manages to look so cool 9thanks for the hair flowers cindy!!!)



three crazy shrimps


  1. Jenny Bishop says:

    Love lily's big smile in the last photo!! PS….I miss you guys! We need to hang out asap!

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