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September 19, 2009

My older brother, Alex (Jeeho), came on Monday afternoon and just left earlier today. I saw him in Toronto when I was last there in May, but he hasn’t been in Phoenix since before Lily was born! Crazy. I am really glad he was able to spend some time with us here in the desert, especially since he rarely gets to see his only niece and nephews. And boy did Lily, Sungu, and Topher love hanging out with their ‘samchoon’ (which is ‘uncle’ in Korean, but specifically your mother’s brother. There are 5 different ways to say ‘uncle’ based on how they are related to you, and their birth order.)

The best story from this week would have to be from when we went swimming one day. Well, we went swimming almost everyday that we were all here at Wes’ house. But one day in particular, Lily was swimming with Chris, Alex was swimming with Sungu, and I had the good fortune of swimming freely on my own. Chris started throwing Lily up in the air and catching her, and Sungu wanted to ‘fly’ too. So my brother throws Sungu up in the air, and doesn’t catch him. Accidentally of course. We were all standing there, dumbfounded at what had happened. It felt like eons, but it had to have been two seconds that Sungu was underwater. We all reached under to grab the poor boy, and my brother caught him by the ankles and brought him up for air. Sungu was about to cry until he realized that he was still alive and too thankful to be crying. Needless to say, my brother was not allowed to throw any more kids up in the air in the pool.

The week was filled with mcuh busyness, and randomness, as usual. I lost my voice on Sunday, which apparently was an allergic reaction to my living with the cats for the last two weeks. Who woulda thunk? Chris also got invited to the Cardinals game that morning, which would have been way more amazing if he wasn’t already booked to watch the kids while I drove to Tucson (in peace and quietness!) to pick up Jeehon and Sungu. But who can pass up free Cardinal tickets? Surely not I, nor my hubby. So Chris went to the game, I went to Tucson, with the kids, and no voice, and somehow it all worked out well. Praise Jesus. Then my siblings, the kids, and I went to Sierra Vista on Wednesday, and then we abandonned the Malloys and came back last night. Lots of driving happened this week. But also lots of good times, mixed with good food. I love it when we have visitors, we always eat better when they are around! Oh yes, part of the good food extravaganza also had to do with my beautiful Grandma Watson celebrating her 78th birthday on Wednesday (though we also did some pre-celebrating on Tuesday as well.) Happy Birthday Grandma!

And now we are coming up to the weekend and Sunday is move day for us! (Move 2 of 2. Finally!) So I am now getting ready to move, again. Finishing up laundry, cleaning up our portion of Wes and Kim’s ginormous abode, repacking some of the boxes here to be in smaller boxes (ie. throwing more crap in the garbage.) Oh yeah, and I am washing the kids’ car seats cause they are so beyond disgusting from all the time they spent in their car seats this week. There’s juice, ice cream, sweat, cracker crumbs… Oh how I loathe undoing the car seats from the car, then undoing all the buckles and snaps to remove the covers to wash them, then rebuckle all the millions of buckles only to put them back on and have the kids get them nasty again… I looked into getting those car seat covers that don’t require you to undo the straps, but they are about fifty bucks each… gonna have to pray about that….

But in the midst of all of this randomness of life, I am so thankful. Thankful for my amazing family- on the Ham, and Watson sides. Thankful for the time we were able to spend hanging out at Chateau Watson, and getting ready to start our new simpler (hopefully!) lives at Apartment Watson.



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