this week in history….

March 9, 2012

-this week we celebrated being in this house for ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! and we aren’t even really talking about moving! all our renters are staying put for the time being, and therefore so are we! thank you Jesus for our home, and for our renters.

-we bought the movie ‘puss in boots’ and there’s a part in it where someone yells: “this means war!” then topher asked: “what?” so lily repeated: “this means warm!” and topher asked even more bewildered: “what???” and after thinking about it for a split second, lily declared with all the confidence in the world: “this is warm!”

-i was changing mia’s diaper on my bed, and i let her air out a bit before putting her next diaper on her. then she farted. then she laughed. like really hard. she is such a watson! mia’s gift to mankind is her smile, her laugh, and her gas.

-mia had her first ear infection at 3 and a half months old. sadness. she has not been sleeping well, which means i have not been sleeping well.

-lily was ‘reading’ with chris before bed, and when she gets nervous her mind SHUTS DOWN. so her brain was not working very well, and chris’ patience was also shutting down. the last word they were trying to read was “FUN”, the opposite of what either chris or lily were having. topher saunters over and says: “let me just look at the letters. f.u.n… fun?” God has blessed these kids with very different gifts. very different…

-lily has a future in making fondant figurines i think. she made these snowmen out of play doh, but they are awesome! i believe they are supposed to represent her, topher, and mia. you can tell which ones are the girls because they have pony tails 😉

-ok. topher also makes great play doh figurines. this is a snowman made after my dad who is always wearing hats. this snowman is also wearing a hat as you can plainly see:

both of my kids are artistic! i love it!

-and finally, chris and i went to see WICKED and it was WICKED! chris’ favorite musical is Les Miserables, but i can’t think of what mine is, though Wicked is definitely high up there. the story is amazing, the music is excellent, and even though we watched the show from the first row of the balcony (which nearly scared my hard-core gangsta husband to death) we had a great great time!

(i never feel like i am short until i look at pictures of me standing next to my husband, robert, and lindsay in heels.)



this week in history….


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