Growing Family. Always Growing…

August 3, 2013

1. Archer Jack
here is my nephew- Archer Jack. He was born at the beginning of July- NOT the end of June.
Chris’ younger sister Breanne and her hubby Scott welcomed this awesome bundle of joy into their family July 5th after 46 hours of labor and an eventual C-Section. Breanne officially wins longest and craziest labor. Dang that girl is so competitive! 😉
2. Amber Ham
Amber joined the crazy Ham family on Saturday July 27th, by marrying Topher.
Just kidding. But look how cute that picture is!
After months of wedding planning, the big day finally arrived and everyone was so happy for it.
Amber is a SWEET and kind and compassionate soul who truly, deeply, and madly loves my excellent older brother. Sure my brother Alex has his faults, but he is truly one of the NICEST and most loyal guys out there. this marriage is a blessed one and I am so glad our whole family was around to take part in it!
(a whole separate post will follow to explain the awesomeness and ridiculousness of our Canadian vacation. )
3. Watson Baby #4
just kidding suckers!
if your heart stopped for a second- I can only hope that it started back up again. and if you were thinking- oh yeah- Jihae has been looking round in the midsection… then… I guess I am the sucker who needs to hit the gym.
(I stole that ultrasound picture from Cindy’s facebook. thanks Cindy for always having so many awesome pics of your kids- in vitro and out 🙂
Anyway, I just wanted to dedicate this post to the two newest members of our family. Congrats Archer and Amber! You guys are stuck with us. Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



Growing Family. Always Growing…


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