the children

March 1, 2013

lily is at school everyday, and topher is only gone on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, which gives topher, mia and i a lot of time together.
for the most part- we eat together. mia sometimes naps, and then topher and i have warm drink time together. that boy is after my own heart. chris and i have been drikning a lot of apple cider lately (it’s like starbucks’ cause we have the cinnamon dolce syrup. it is perfection in a bottle!) but topher LOVES apple cider too, so during the day i drink with topher, and at night i drink with chris. some might say i have a drinking problem.
anyhoo, topher is at a very interesting stage in life. he is usually very affectionate or very aggressive. it’s pretty crazy. sometimes i look at him and i think he belongs in a mental institute. but i know he looks at me sometimes and thinks the exact same thing.
mia is also at a very interesting stage in life too. she is usually very crazy or just mildly crazy. and it’s pretty crazy. watching her ‘play’ makes my faith grow cause i can basically see angels hovering around her, making sure she doesn’t end up with a concussion every day.
it’s a miracle.
here are mia and topher hanging out together. they are so stinking awesome. looking at pictures of them makes me forget how crazy they are.

love them!
then there’s my sweet and ridiculous lily.
as you may have already guessed- she too is at a very interesting  stage in life as well. she is generous, sweet, and loving, and then the next minute she is a dramatic diva.
example- i lost my wallet the other day at target. i was really freaking out about it because i had A LOT of cash in there (for once!) and the cash wasn’t mine (that explains it). so i was frantic about getting it back, and as i was driving back to target lily kept saying to me: “it’s ok mom. you can have all the money in my piggy bank!”
i almost started bawling. she is so sweet.
but then the next day at the mall, we were hanging out at the mall with my mom, and i let the kids go on a ride, hang out at the pet store, play in the play area, and my mom gave them money to go on the big carousel. it was a blast! i had mentioned getting a cookie in the food court, but they took the paradise bakery away! so no cookie could be bought nor consumed. as we were leaving, lily said: “why aren’t we having any cookies?” i told her the reason why and then she looked at me and said: “why did you even bring us out here? this is the worst day EVER!”
and i almost made her start bawling with my death glare.
it was not sweet.
not sweet at all.
oh to be 5!
at least she looks sweet:

so. that’s life with the watson kids these days. great times. crazy times. great times.



the children


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