that’s just how we koreans roll

May 13, 2010

i just had the most incredible conversation with my mom. i LOVE that woman. she drives me crazy but i LOVE her. and she LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES me. do not ever doubt that. especially considering the things she says to me. she says crazy things cause she’s korean, and korean people say crazy things. for instance, she was talking to my aunt after emma was born, and my aunt informed my mom: “well, the baby’s not that cute according to the pictures i saw of her. she doesn’t even have ‘sang-ka-pul’ (eye lid folds, which mind you- NO KOREANS have. at least not naturally. it’s a trait that only non-asians seem to possess. yes, my children included.)” anyway, harsh judgment for a child that joined the human race less than 24 hours before. but you are alive, you are subject to korean judgment. and if you are dead, well, same thing.

anyhoo, the hot topic of my conversation with my mom today was concerning my brother’s girlfriend. my brother is 30 and lives at home. cause he’s not married yet. and that’s how us korean s roll. he has a real job, has his own car, and even owns a condo in toronto. only he rents it out and makes money on it whilst living at home with someone who still cooks for him and occassionally does his laundry (anyone see ‘wedding crashers’? that’s how my brothers live.) anyway, this girlfriend in question is perfect. 1, she’s korean. whicih means she has korean parents who my parents can communicate with in their native tongue. 2. she’s getting her ph.d. i don’t know in what. it can be in cheese processing. doesn’t matter. she’s getting a ph d in it.
3. she’s getting a ph d. she speaks korean. and she likes my brother.

anyway, i have never seen a picture of said perfect girl. i even looked her up on facebook. her profile picture is a picture of a flower. BOOO mystery girl! but my mom finally met her and this is how our conversation went:
mom: “i came home one day and i saw a pair of women’s shoes and was wondering who your dad brought home.” (she’s crazy. she’s korean. enough said.)
me: “you’re crazy.”
mom: “so i called out to see who was home, and i heard a little voice say “anyoung ha seyo” (proper hello in korean) and there she was. she was really shy.”
me: “so… what did she look like?!?! is she pretty???”
mom: “uh. not ‘pretty’. same level as you.”
me: “oh! so she’s drop dead gorgeous!!!!!…”
mom: “yeah. that’s what i meant…”

anyway, the conversation continued. she mentioned something about the girl’s shoes being tattered, but since she was such a scholar she didn’t seem to care. my mom, who usually cares about appearances, was very impressed by the girl’s priorities and humility.
i just want you to know, dear reader, (especially if you are not made up of the same crazy korean stuff i am) that my feelings aren’t even remotely hurt, cause my mom speaks the truth. i am no great beauty. i am aware of this. BUT i don’t need to be reminded of it! sheesh. so, that’s my mom and i communicate. lots of truth. lots of jokes. no hurt feelings. it’s perfect. wouldn’t trade it for anything. cause that’s just how we koreans roll.



that’s just how we koreans roll


  1. Your mom is hillarious. Never a dull conversation! PS- You are the most naturally beautiful woman I know!! Congrats!

  2. Christin says:

    Your mom is nuts and you are freakin hot! Sexy – if I might add! I'll call your mom and tell her that if you want me too. I'm not scared. Well, I would be a little, but I would totally do it.

  3. Keep up the positive outlook! And you are beautiful!

  4. Shannon says:

    That's hilarious! I think I would like your crazy mom a lot. And you are DEFINITELY drop dead gorgeous. 🙂

    But your poor little niece. She's had a rough start what with being born and all and then being judged for her eyes. 🙂 At least she's learning early that it's rough outside the womb.

    See you later buddy!

  5. Brantonians says:

    My heart hurts.
    YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Not just your flawless complexion, your jet black hair, your teensie waist, and your charming smile…
    your heart of beauty challenges me to be a better person.

    That's how we whities roll.

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