Thanksgiving in Heber

November 28, 2009

i think i mentioned before that chris’ dad and step-mom bought a cabin up in heber, 2 hours away from the east valley. this place is straight-up pimpin! they have not even had it for all htat long, but it is furnished like they have lived there for years. so beautiful, so cozy, so awesome.
we drove up on thursday morning, with the malloys behind us. we got there in about 2 hours and 10 minutes which was awesome. the kids didn’t even seem to mind the drive, they were staring out the window looking at the incredibly scenery whizzing past them. (i remember as a kid thinking everything was going by so quickly. now that i am SO BIG, it’s seems like it’s all going by at about 55 mph. if you want to get technical about it…)
when we got to ‘The Abbey’ (the cabin’s name. i believe the name is supposed to mean place of refuge, or something like that. also, wes is a huge beatles fan.) there were tons of people already there. they had all spent the night up there already. robert, lindsay and the boys were there. wes and kim obviously. kim’s parents. the leonards- family friends, consisting of gary, beth, leanne and brad. the malloys. and us. 14 adults and 5 crazy kids. a few people had last minute things come up so othe party was actually much smaller than originally anticipated.
we had an awesome thanksgiving feast, followed by much hanging out in the beautiful heber air. it was supposed to be cold. it was the warmest 55 degrees i had ever been in. the night was a bit rough for sleeping- topher had just caught a cold while we were up there. so he was really congested, but we got through the night! we would have actually stayed up one more night, but alas the boy needed to sleep with his humidifier.
we spent our two days up north eating, napping, playing football, watching people play football, having a gingerbread house contest, making smores, watching Mary Poppins, and taking tons of pictures. there is a slight possibility that Topher ate/licked an elk turd. to his credit, those things do look like caramels wrapped in chocolate. to the human body’s credit, he projectile vomitted on me as soon as he consumed/licked it. gotta love the great outdoors!
an awesome time was had by all, and it was all thanks to 1. those wonderful pilgrims who started this holiday so many years ago. 2. wes and kim for buying this awesomely gigantic cabin that was meant for festivities such as this. 3. Jesus. cause we would have nothing without Jesus.
hope you all enjoyed great eats, and great times relaxing and enjoying friends and family. happy belated thanksgiving to you.

hanging out at the lake. so beautiful!

the kids in their accidentally matching pjs. i didn’t plan to bring matchin mickey and minnie mouse pjs for lily and topher. i had no idea lindsay was going to put gabe in mickey pjs. a serendipitous disney moment.

being out in ‘the woods’ brought out the manly man in chris, and topher.

the abbey.



Thanksgiving in Heber


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