Thanksgiving Days

November 29, 2008

I just got home awhile ago from my wonderful mother-in-law’s place. We have had serious communication break-down today! Jerry came in from Oregon last night at about 9ish. He was supposed to come in around 8:30, and then come to our place for coffee and some face time with Chris, because Chris couldn’t make it to dinner tonight due to work. But the half hour delay in his landing cause us to have to reschedule for another day entirely. So we chose Saturday at 10am, cause Chris is working later on in the day and would be home at that time.

So you can imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang this morning at 10am, and I opened the door to a Barb, a Jerry, and a home-made plate of Monkey Bread (you make me SICK BARBARA!) Fortunately for everyone, Chris was just coming downstairs, and didn’t have to leave for work for another hour and a half; Chris was also very lucky his mom came cause I was going to make him eat cereal again. This whole not-having-to-make-dinner thing has made me super-lazy and made me not want to make any meals at all for anyone, ever. I have obliged my children with a few meals here and there, cause as their mother, I guess that’s what I am supposed to do. Anyway, I don’t know if Barb was just feeling bad about the mistake or what, but she offered to come for breakfast tomorrow ‘as planned’ and bring food tomorrow also! Score! I just can’t say no to free, yummy food. It’s a weakness of mine. My kryptonite if you will.

Then dinner was supposed to be at 5pm, but I thought Barb had said 6pm, so the kids and I were literally just farting around the house, killing time. Then we went to the grocery store to get milk, bread, and bananas (the only things we need to physically survive in this house) and on our way home we got a call from Jerry asking where we were. Oops! Made everyone, Chris’ grandparents, Robert, Lindsay, Barb and Jerry wait to eat dinner. Really big oops. One of these days I am going to try this new thing I have heard so much about, it’s called ‘paying attention’…

Anyway, our three-day Thanksgiving celebration-extravaganza marathon has come to an end, and I realize how much I have to be thankful for. Really and truly. My kids are so awesome. Really. I have gotten them all dolled up for three days in a row, and they just sit there and let me have my fun. They’ve gone to bed late, and in different houses because of different sporting events, and they’ve just been so great about it all. I so enjoyed just hanging out at home with them today. Chris and I have had plenty of hanging out time too, which never gets old. It’s too bad that he missed dinner at his mom’s, but I am pretty dang thankful for his awesome job that he loves and is able to thrive at. Everyone who cooked and slaved and sweat so that I could eat like a dirty fat pig- I am so thankful for you all! God has truly blessed the crap right out of our family and friends, and to Him, I am forever thankful.



Thanksgiving Days


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