a tangled web

August 17, 2011

i have been surrounded by lies for the last two or three weeks. no. longer. and i have lied to so many people in the past few weeks that i guess i am surrounded by lies cause i have been telling some myself.

it all started at my 21 week ultrasound 5 weeks ago. and it progressed into a disaster that blew up on saturday.

here’s the thing- i lied to you that we didn’t find out the gender of our baby. we weren’t going to. we really weren’t. and then my weak husband started to cave. he said he was starting to lean a certain way towards wanting a particular gender, but that he didn’t want to lean that way if that wasn’t the gender of the baby. we wrestled with the decision to find out throughout the length of the ultrasound. our tech was very patient with us. finally she said that she would put the result in an envelope and that if we wanted to find out we could look in the envelope, but if we didn’t want to find out then we could just discard the envelope and the wealth of information inside.

my self-controlless husband and i looked in the envelope as we waited to see my mid-wife five minutes later.

chris thought it would be HILARIOUS to not tell anyone that we knew what we knew. he thought it would be funny for me ot blog about the whole thing two or three months later. then he thought it would be even funnier for us to not tell anyone until the baby was born and then tell people that we had known the gender of the baby all along. so we decided not to tell anyone for the time being, except for my sister because 1. she knows all and 2. sunha was having surgery the next day and i wanted to give her a morsel of information that would make her happy.

then jeehon and i decided it would be awesome if we actually told some friends and family what we were having and not tell chris that we told them and then throw a surprise baby shower for him. chris has played many tricks on my sister and my friends, and it just felt like the right thing to do! in the eight years that i’ve known chris i’ve only thrown one surprise party for him and never played a real trick on him. the time had come.

so the plan was to have brunch at chris’ mom’s. our friends and family would get there at 10 and we would show up sometime after that. but of course our van wouldn’t start that morning, so we got there quite a bit after 10ish. just as well. it was the perfect way to start off the gong show. we got there. everyone said ‘surprise!’. chris looked surprised-ish. we ate, we chatted, then chris opened his presents and handed me an envelope.

inside the envelope was a letter for me, from my terrible husband, telling me that he had known about this surprise party for the last two weeks, and that my heart was too pure to be able to pull a prank off. what a jerk! he ruined everything. everyone at the party felt equal parts surprise, disgust, and amazement. detective watson ladies and gentlemen. that’s who i am married to.

so, in short, i cannot pull a prank against my husband. he is too smart. but i will get him one day. when he is least expecting it. i’m gonna go ahead and blame this catastrophe on pug, just cause i can.

ps. we are having a girl and we are very very excited!



a tangled web


  1. If you need any help from this end of the world, let us know!
    Hope the last part of this pregnancy goes well and I look forward to hearing, seeing, and reading about the newest little Watson.
    Lots of love, the Barnhoorns

  2. Christin says:

    Oh pug, how could you let this happen? Every one of these pranks leaves me going through feeling of vomiting, crying, punching Chris, and laughing even though I don't want to.

  3. SO FUN! Another girl!! You are funny…Love reading your blogs for sure 🙂

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