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June was a whirlwind. we went camping for three days. then we came home. and then we went to Toronto for 9 days. and chris and I managed to go on a secret getaway for three days without any children to celebrate our ten year anniversary a little bit early. and Robert and Lindsay and […]

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i know i must surely have shared this verse in the past, but i can’t seem to find it in my old posts. but really, you can read the Bible a million times over and find new amazing truths in it every time you read it. one of my favorite verses comes from the book […]

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I realized I have a serious defect in my brain and spirit recently. I pray for things and envision the way God is going to answer that prayer. Chris and I have been seriously praying for God to help us/take control of our finances since we did ‘Financial Peace University’ two years ago. Basically I […]