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This week’s episode is a book review of ‘The Boy Crisis: Why our boys are struggling and what we can do about it’ by Warren Farrell, PhD, and John Gray, PhD. This book was LONG and really informative. Definitely worth the time to go through. And it was written in 2018, so it is fresh […]

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Today’s episode is a special treat my friends! I am joined by Kim Vehon, a former foster mom, and current adoptive mom and bio mom to 7 kids. This woman is a serious piece of work who dreams big, but also is able to make those dreams into reality as well. She also happens to […]

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I am thrilled to have my licensing worker – Kelly Lewis, on the podcast with me today! A licensing worker is someone who helps you get your fostering license. Kelly has been with us for almost 4 years, and she has turned into a sweet friend who I truly cannot live without. Kelly has been […]

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