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In our time as parents, we have ‘raised’ 0-4 year olds for the last 11 years. The full count would be 7 kids for 3 months or more. We’ve done the newborn thing six times, we’ve done the toddler thing five times, and we’ve also done the two toddlers who were 14 months apart or […]

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Much of the things I feared about potty training occurred over the last few days. Potty training was definitely one of the things I dreaded most about motherhood, as a new mom. And with good reason. Going out while potty training. Bad idea. It started with a trip to Chandler Mall on Saturday. I love […]

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Are you looking for some foolproof steps to potty training your kids? Well, I have some that worked for us! We are definitely not 100% potty trained in the Watson household yet. Well, I am. We are working on Chris and the kids 😉 Lily is 100% in undies all the livelong day, but wears […]

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