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a bunch of months ago i did 3 (or 4?) spotlights on small businesses/entrepeneurs i know and love. i’ve been meaning to write this one up for awhile but i keep losing my mind and forgetting, so before i forget again, here is my beautiful friend Cindy Branton, and her incredible flower accessory store on […]

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i feel kinda bad cause i have tons of pics of my other small business friends that i am plugging today. i unfortunately do not have any pics of chris fleck. the man who saved us million$$$$$… ok. thousand$$$. two weeks ago we had an issue with one of our rental houses. apparently the cold […]

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meet Jenny Bishop. she is 3 weeks away from being a 100% full-time photographer!!!!for now she is doing her due-diligence wrapping up her job at ASU. i don’t remember what she does there, mostly cause it doesn’t matter because that was not her calling! photography is! Jenny is a severely talented photographer. her photos are […]